DIY Floral Wreath 

As I took down all of my Christmas decor, I removed the wreath from my front door and it just looked naked and sad so I had to make a new wreath for it. 

I went back and forth in my mind trying to decide what type of wreath would be appropriate for the month of January. I looked up “January wreaths” and they all looked too Christmassy to me… with snowflakes and such. So I thought maybe I should make a pink wreath since Valentine’s Day is next month! 

I would have gone with pink but I didn’t think that the two manly men that I live with would really appreciate a pink wreath on their front door. So in conclusion I settled on a mixture of white, blue and purple flowers for my “valentines” wreath. 

This wreath should last till we move out of here since it’s very spring-like and we are only here till may.

Here’s how I made it!!!


I got a grapevine wreath and a bunch of fake flowers from Walmart. 

P.s. All of the flowers were 98¢ except the hydrangeas which were $3 but I had to get them because I love hydrangeas! 

I plugged in my hot glue gun and began to strip the flowers and leaves from their plastic stems. 

I proceeded to glue a mixture of flowers on the wreath (trying to not to bunch too many of the same ones together) and topped it off with a glittery bow! 

Easy peazy! Now go forth and clothe your naked doors with beautiful wreaths of your own creation. 


DIY Autumn Wreath!

With the sudden drop in temperature, I had the urge to decorate for the upcoming season. Shopping around last week, I noticed there were already a lot of fall decorations displayed in the stores. Whilst trying to find a little something to spice up our new apartment, I couldn’t help but look at these small pointless pieces of decor and think that I could make something that looked better and costed less. The imitation flower aisle was filled with lots of beautiful autumn colors, different shades of orange. red and yellow. The flowers were basically screaming for me to turn them into a wreath, so I grabbed 4 small bundles of different flowers at 97 cents each and one large bouquet of mixed flowers for about $5. I got a small grapevine wreath, a mini hot glue gun and two different types of ribbon which I thought might match well with the flowers.

Here’s what you’ll need if you’d like to make one of your own:

Wreath making supplies
1 grapevine wreath, 1 large wired ribbon, 1 small ribbon, 1 hot glue gun (and glue sticks) and a few bundles of the flowers of your choice.
These were the flowers I chose for my wreath. The bundle on the right was the pre-made bouquet. The quality of the flowers were a little better and it had more variety so it made a big difference.
After you plug in your glue gun, start by stripping flowers off of the stems. They will pop right off and you’ll be left with flowers that have small nubs on the back. This is where you will be placing the hot glue to stick the flowers in place.
Next, you’ll start sticking flowers in one by one. Try to mix it up and make sure you’re not putting all the same flowers in one area. This photo shows what it looked like when I was half way done.

P.S. I wrapped my wreath with the ribbon before I started since I wasn’t sure if I would have enough flowers, but I ended up having more than enough so this was basically pointless other than the fact that it may help the flowers stay in place longer.

After I made the bow, I attached it with a piece of the stem from the fake flowers. The easier option would be to buy some pipe cleaners and use one of those to tie it on, but I stuck it in with lot’s of hot glue for extra assurance.
VIOLÀ! The finished product!

I hung the wreath with a 3M command brand damage free hanging hook so that I will be able to pull it off without damaging the door when we move out.

I hope this post will inspire someone to make a wreath of their own or at least get someone excited to start decorating for the holidays! If you have any questions feel free to ask. Thanks for reading 🙂