Espresso Yourself

Since I have been home, I’ve been checking out some of the different coffee shops in the LA area, and I’m having a lot of fun doing it. There are so many unique places with different vibes and each is special in it’s own way.

I plan on exploring as many of these little coffee shops as I can- all while reporting back to my readers about what I experience at each one.

Ever since I was a kid, there has been a longstanding coffee shop in my little hometown of Monrovia. Situated in old town on the main street that any Monrovian will tell you is called Myrtle Avenue, the coffee shop has taken on many different names and owners throughout it’s years.

My parents would take me there on the weekends and hang out at the same table with the same group of old guys, reading the paper and discussing current events. I would order my bagel with cream cheese (or on a lucky day- A huge cinnamon roll covered in icing) and hang with the old folks while I sipped my hot cocoa. It was a nice comfy place, filled with mismatched couches and even a “kids corner” with books and toys for the little ones.

This coffee shop has been around for as long as I have lived here, so at least 23 years or more. I remember it best as the Monrovia Coffee Company, before that it was called Beantown, and a couple of years ago it became Friends Cafe (a wannabe ‘Central Perk’ from the popular TV show FRIENDS). More recently, while I was living out of state, it has become Parchment Coffee.

Since this coffee shop is near and dear to my heart, filled with memories of old people and bagels, it will be the first on my list of blog posts.

If you are a coffee lover in the L.A. area, my “Espresso Yourself” segment is for you.. So stay tuned!


Take it from Tori #1

I have decided to start a blog segment called Take it from Tori to share my personal opinion about things. Whether it’s a good thing, a bad thing or just some random thing, I’ll be explaining how that thing makes me feel. And there you have it, I have just used the word “thing” 4 times in one sentence.

So for my first topic, I have chosen:

People who don’t use their blinker while driving.

It should be a habit, like putting your seatbelt on. When you know you need to switch lanes or make a turn, your left hand should automatically want to flip that little signal switcher rod up or down. I use my blinker even if I’m turning on a random side street in the middle of the night and I’m the only driver in sight.

The worst is when someone cuts you off without any warning (aka blinker usage). I mean, go ahead and cut me off if you absolutely must but PLEASE at least give me a little heads up before you do so.

Here’s a tip: when people cut you off and you feel like flipping them the bird, go ahead and give them a sarcastic thumbs up (and maybe even a smile) instead. It feels better when people think you’re being nice but you’re really saying, “go ahead, cut me off you big turd”. That way you won’t get into any road rage fist fights.

Be careful out there people, and don’t forget to use your blinker.