Motivation Monday #63


It’s Monday yet again and October is among us. The weather is cooling down and the holidays are approaching (yay!). I’ve been thinking a lot lately about self-discipline. It’s something that I think a lot of people could focus more on. We need to be able to hold ourselves accountable for our actions. We need to be our own biggest motivators.

Values such as loyalty and respect are of great importance to me. To the people I love, I will always be loyal. My friends, family, husband, they never have to worry that I wouldn’t stick by their side through difficult times. To all others I do my best to be respectful. Regardless of how much I dislike someone or how much I disagree with them, I will approach the situation with a level of respect because we are all human and none of us are perfect. These are just a couple of things that for me personally are very important.

We’re all just imperfect people trying to be strong in the world. Some do better than others, some give up entirely. It takes a little self-discipline to do just about anything that nourishes your life. Whether you’re going to school, trying to lose 10 pounds, keeping a marriage strong or just trying to keep it together without having a mental breakdown. You are the only one who can make the decision to not give up. Although things may happen to you that will break you down, it is up to you to build yourself back up again.

Whenever I feel like I’m losing grasp of a healthy lifestyle, I feel guilty. I’m not a health nut by any means. Even when I’m doing my best, I still enjoy a greasy burger and sweets from time to time. But the guilt that I feel is me holding myself accountable for my actions. Self-discipline is me actually doing something about it.¬†No one can make me unhealthy except myself.

There’s a vast array of things that each of us can work on to be the best version of ourselves. Maybe you have a hard time controlling your anger, maybe you’re too quick to judge others. It’s possible that you feel like giving up on a long term goal or commitment. Maybe you’re sick of being unorganized or you have an addiction. Shoot, maybe you’re just an asshole and you want to change. Our parents did their part in disciplining us as children (some better than others) but now as adults, it’s our job to discipline ourselves.

None of us will ever be perfect but we can sure as hell try to be better. Do it for the people who love you but more importantly, do it for yourself. I know that everyone has something that they can work on and I hope that I’ve motivated you to be better.

Have a happy Monday!


Motivation Monday #53

You thought I forgot it was Monday huh? Well you’re not wrong… I forgot for about half the day and then when I remembered, I kept forgetting to post my Motivation Monday.

Well better late than never, it may be the end of the day but there’s still four days left in the week for which you may need a little motivating- So here goes!

As I mentioned briefly in a previous post, I’ve been trying to get back into going to church and I have finally found a place that feels like a good fit for me. On top of that I’ve been attending a women’s bible study and we’re currently reading a book titled “Uninvited” by Lysa TerKeurst. There are a lot of great verses tucked in the pages of this book. I’ll share one with you tonight that stood out to me as I read today.

“Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?” Matthew 6:26-27 NIV

I read this and immediately thought about how much time I spend worrying about things that I don’t always have complete control over. The birds getting the food they need to survive is an example of how God will always take care of us. There may be struggles and it may seem unfair at times. But we always learn from the more difficult times in our lives. There’s no point in worrying because our lives are already planed out for us- what we think is our purpose can change at the drop of a hat. Live life and cherish the good times, try not to stress about the rest.


HAVE A FANTASTIC WEEK! And to all the mommas out there, I hope you feel extra loved this Sunday ūüôā

Motivation Monday #50

Happy 50th Motivation Monday! I hope everyone had a relaxing Easter weekend spent with loved ones.

Easter is a great holiday for a few reasons. First of all, it’s the beginning of Spring and the weather is always perfect. Second, there are lot’s of jellybeans and chocolate bunnies involved. And last but absolutely not least, it’s a great reminder that our time here is not permanent.

Jesus died so that we may continue to live beyond this life. Even if you aren’t Christian, or don’t believe in God, you can’t deny that our time here is only temporary. We are all leaving this earth at some point, so shouldn’t we make our days on this planet count?

To me that means doing good things and attempting to make¬†the world a better place for future generations. So I’ve come up with a list of things that you may be able to do in order¬†to make a difference.

  • Start a community garden
  • Ride your bicycle if it’s an option
  • Teach your children to have manners and care for others
  • Recycle and find ways to cut down on your usage of plastic
  • Stop buying products with questionable ingredients in them, especially if it’s something you’re consuming or putting on your body
  • Plant flowers that bee’s can use to collect pollen
  • Volunteer with an organization that you like or make donations
  • Spend less time on your phone and computer and watch less TV


These things seem simple but I know that it can take some convincing. In fact, I’m even trying¬†to convince myself to do some of these things. If we are all just a little more mindful of the things we do/buy/say on a daily basis, we will become more aware of what we should really be doing.

Just because were not going to be here forever doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take care of our home for now, in fact it’s all the more reason to do so because we don’t want to leave our grandchildren to suffer on a rotten planet.

Have a beautiful week and stay motivated!

Motivation Monday #49

Happy Monday everyone!

I’m really having to force myself to do anything today. Our new puppy wakes up a couple times a night and I definitely don’t feel motivated when I haven’t gotten enough sleep, on top of that I’m not feeling so great but I will prevail! Luckily I knew ahead of time what I wanted to post for this week’s Motivation Monday, it’s a quote I heard at church the other day.

Speaking of church, we have admittedly not been attending as much as we would like to, and it’s been a long while since we’ve had a church that we really loved. It’s kinda funny how back when we were attending church “religiously”, I would hear the pastor talk about people veering away and think- nope not me. But life just has a strange way of changing things. After moving a couple of times and dealing with Blake’s insane schedule we had been lacking the motivation to start looking for new churches to attend. After trying a couple that didn’t feel like a great fit, we finally found one that was pretty good. It felt so nice¬†to be back in that atmosphere. The pastor recited the following quote which we loved and I’d like to share it with all of you.

“You cannot judge success on what position you have,

You can only judge success by what you have had to overcome to get there.”

-Booker T. Washington

My interpretation is that everyone experiences things differently and certain things may come more easily to some than they do to others. Have faith in yourself and continue to focus on your goals, even if it seems like it’s taking longer than it should- everyone is different and the harder you work, the more rewarded you will feel when it’s accomplished. We aren’t all handed the same deck of cards in life, but we shouldn’t let that stop us from dreaming. Have a fantastic week!

Dear Diary…

I’ve been thinking a lot about life lately. How strange it is that we, as humans, are living out these lives never knowing when our time in the bodies we inhabit will be over.

I can recall two conversations, one with each of my best friends at separate times, one more recent and one from years ago.

The one about the bigger things.

I’d say it was about 8 years ago, my best friend Alyse and I were preparing to go on a family camping trip, one that (we now know) we would never forget. The night before our long drive to Shaver Lake, one of the many boys who lusted after Alyse decided to TP her house. Probably because we had previously TP-ed his house but we were enraged nonetheless. We plotted to stay up through the night incase the boys were to come back (to scare them of course). We sat in the darkness right next to her front door, porch lights off, screen door closed, stars painted across the night sky and a perfect summer breeze flowing in. The time passed and the boys never came back, but we got to talking and things got deep.

There we were, two 16 year old girls, friends since we were just little kids. Alyse is like my sister and in many ways she really is the sister I never had. Growing up we were so similar, we liked the same things, our dad’s both loved to fish, we were both horrible at math and we could even pass as sisters when we met new people. I had two brothers and she was an only child, therefore we both needed each other. I became the sibling she never had and she became the sister I always wanted.

On that night when we were 16, we expressed to each other the kind of things that we would think about but never say out loud. I like to think of it as opening our souls to one another.¬†We were relieved to find out that we had both wondered similar things, that we weren’t the only ones who thought about¬†the world beyond what we know. Beyond Earth, space, and even that big galaxy of stars that we were staring right into. We also talked about the mystery of life after death, whether we go on to lead new lives in heaven or even as new souls on earth or if the end of our lives is just nothingness and our existence is permanently erased.

The darkness.

It’s what I see when I’m laying in bed at night, struggling to fall asleep and for whatever reason my mind gets to thinking about death. Not every night, only once in a while. I play out my whole life in my head, it seems to be going faster as time goes on and there is nothing I can do to slow it down and then boom. The unknown. Darkness. Death. The end of my story. My body feels numb, and my heart sinks into my stomach.

This has happened to me ever since I was a little girl. Back then it was even more terrifying to think about. I remember trying to fall asleep one night and these thoughts consumed me. I left my room to find my mom who was folding clothes on the couch. I explained what I was feeling and she comforted me with a hug, told me to pray whenever my mind wandered that way and tucked me back in.

Prayer really does help. Whether you pray or meditate or whatever it is that you do, it’s beneficial to take a moment to remind yourself that there is something bigger than what you know, than this life and this world.

It doesn’t happen to me very often especially as I’ve gotten older but when it does, it’s almost always when I’m in bed trying to sleep. For the first time in a long time, these thoughts consumed me again just the other night.

Unlike when I was a child, I’m no longer so scared about the thought. I’ve come to the conclusion that everything happens for a reason and this life is a part of something much larger.

The one about LIFE.

That second conversation I mentioned at the start of my entry occurred just last night. I was on the phone with my other best friend Alina.

Anyone who knows either of us is aware that we’re as close as two girls can be. We like to say that were soul mates but in a friendship sort of way. We just get each other and we always¬†have. I honestly think that I would be a very different person if she hadn’t come into my life 12 years ago, kind of like there would just be a hole in my life that was never filled. But like I said, everything happens for a reason.

Coincidentally, it came up in conversation while we were on the phone last night. Death, Life, what have you. We both admitted that thoughts of our time on earth, in these bodies and what is to come once we leave them had recently crossed our minds.

I thought about how peculiar it was that we had both been thinking the same deep thoughts around the same time as each other. And then I realized. It’s not peculiar at all, there are probably millions of other people thinking the same thing. After all, we are all human. We are all living out our lives, day to day, knowing that at some point they will be over. The end. Done. But still, we keep going.

Why wouldn’t we occasionally stop to think about our unescapable deaths?

Because it’s scary is why. But does it have to be?

As I get older, these thought’s seem more like a privilege than a curse. A reason to remind myself of what I want my life to be. A reminder that I need to do what I love and not allow ¬†anyone to make me feel differently about how I should be living. There is no ‘forever’ in this life… This life is temporary and it should be enjoyed.

You see, normally this is the type of thing I would keep to myself. Maybe I’d write it in my personal diary. But come to think of it, I have this one lifetime to express myself though writing, so why not put it all out there?

Hopefully, if anything, others will relate and find comfort in knowing that they aren’t the only one who wonders.

There’s a great big ocean out there and we are all in the same boat.