Motivation Monday #44

Please excuse my absence from blogging, unfortunately I haven’t had as much free time on my hands lately. As much as I love being busy and staying productive, I really miss having time for things like this! I recently got a job and I’m so thankful… All of the praying and months of hunting payed off. I also started online school, it took me a while to figure out what I wanted to study but once I found out which school  to attend and how to pay for it, I decided to get my AA in Interior Design. So not only do I work 8 hour days, I also spend hours on the computer reading and taking tests. I love it!! But like I said… I also love blogging and lately with everything else thats on my mind I don’t have any urge to write, until now that is. I have the day off so I’m trying to stay productive by cleaning the house and getting ahead with my online school work.

I realized it was Monday and thought, I finally have time to write! So here it is… your (as weekly as possible) Motivation Monday post:

A simple quote that is pretty relevant to my life right now,

“The secret to getting ahead is getting started”

Even though I’m loving my busy schedule right now, I know that it will become stressful at times. I just have to remember that these long hours at work and time spent working towards getting my degree will pay off in the long run. Someday I will have job that I love and it’s all because I started here.

Happy Monday, I hope it’s a great one!

Motivation Monday #42

I took a week off of blogging because I really just wasn’t feeling it. I’ve been so focused on other things lately that I started to lose the passion that pushes me to continue this little blog each week.

Anyway, it is Monday again and I have a whole list of things to get done today. So not only will I be trying to motivate you, but hopefully I’ll be able to motivate myself to get out of these super comfy fuzzy pajamas and be a productive human today.

I like that daylight savings ended this weekend because now I feel like I’m waking up really early even though I’m sleeping in an hour longer than usual. The days feel so long which means that I have no excuse to not get things done.

The holidays are upon us and that means we have things to look forward to. Good food, quality time with family, presents and decorations…. all of my favorite things!

So I think maybe the best way to motivate you on this Monday would be to tell you how many more Mondays you have to deal with until it’s time to celebrate.

There are only 2 more Mondays until Thanksgiving!


Only 6 more Mondays until Christmas! (better get started on your shopping)


Have a beautiful Monday and be productive!  🙂

Motivation Monday #39

It’s Monday again and I am super excited because my husband has the day off of work! 

Having recently moved into our new home we are keeping ourselves busy by crossing items off of our to-do list. Whether we’re painting something, decorating something or building something, we have already put a ton of work into this place but it feels so rewarding to finish a project!

I guess what I’m getting at is that you should use this Monday to do something that you have been wanting or needing to do for a while, because I promise you that the feeling you get when you are finished will be totally worth it. 

Start the week by being productive and each day to follow will hopefully be productive as well…. Which ultimately means more free time for the weekend!

Have a beautiful Monday!