Motivation Monday #54 

Happy Monday! I hope all the moms out there had a wonderful Mother’s Day! 

Blake and I finally got to announce our big news yesterday- I’m 12 weeks preganant and we’re super excited about this next chapter of our lives. In only a couple of months my life has already changed quite a bit. I’ve been totally exhausted and had to give up a lot of things that I really love to eat, drink and do- and this is just the beginning. I have always thought about pregnancy as something that seems entirely impossible, yet without it, none of us would exist.  

It just goes to show that we can do incredible things, whether we think we can or not. God designed women to be able to create new life, so what’s to say we can’t do other amazing things that seem entirely impossible? 

You can do anything that you put your mind to. However, it’s always important to think about the ways your life will be changing as a result of that thing and to prepare yourself mentally. 

Pregnancy itself is hard but raising a child is too. Similarly, school can be hard- but the job you’re going to get after school may be just as hard. Losing weight is hard, but keeping the weight off is also difficult. Starting a business is hard, keeping the business successful… also hard. Lu know what I’m saying. Basically anything worth having in life is going to take some hard work. That doesn’t mean it’s not worth it though, when the reward is more important to you than the risk- you should go for it! 

Have an amazing week and keep working towards those goals of yours. You are capable of doing amazing things- God designed you that way.

Motivation Monday #52

Happy first day of May! It’s Monday again and you know what that means- it’s time to get motivated. If you’re struggling to get through the day, just remember- YOU CAN DO IT.

I think it’s interesting how we sometimes think that we are incapable of doing something until it happens to us. Such is the case for things that may not necessarily be in your control, for example- fighting off some sort of serious illness. But what about the things that we do have control over? I think it’s pretty much the same, you may have a goal that you want to accomplish but you don’t have enough faith in yourself to actually go for it. Try to not think of it as a choice, think of it as a responsibility- something that you absolutely must do in order to better your life. Whether you’re struggling to get through school or struggling to lose 10 pounds, YOU CAN DO IT, because YOU MUST DO IT to improve your quality of life.

I hope everyone has a beautiful week, I have a feeling that May is going to be a very productive month! Sending love to my readers XOXO

Motivation Monday #47

Happy Monday!

Today I plan on setting goals for myself. I’ve realized that I feel the most in control of my life when I come up with a plan to reach my goals.

Time goes by and things change which makes it harder for us to stick to certain commitments we make for ourselves.

For a while I was working out at least 4 days a week and eating fairly healthy food. My body looked healthier and more importantly, I felt great!

I’ve slowly let go of my good habits because a lot of changes have taken place in my life over the last year. I no longer live in an apartment where the gym is a few steps away, when I started woking I didn’t have the time to plan meals like I used to so I started eating whatever was quick and easy. This is just one example of something that I want to become more diligent about again.

I also want to focus on my school work and start to complete my assignments before they’re due as I did when I first started instead of waiting till the last minute as I have been doing lately. I want to keep an organized and clean household because in my opinion, the cleaner my house is, the clearer my mind is. For example, I like to get the dishes done right away rather than having them sit out for days, then I can focus on doing everything else I need to do. And last but not least, I want to get back on track with my blogging. Writing is so important to me and it’s such a great outlet with which I can express myself in a positive way.

There are so many things in life that just take a little self-discipline. We can fall out of good habits and that’s okay, sometimes we need a little break. But it’s important that we always get back on track and make sure that were living our lives in a way that makes us happy.

I hope I’m not the only one who will use this Monday as a fresh start. You can do anything you set your mind to!

Have a beautiful week 🙂

Motivation Monday #46 

Happy Monday friends! 

This is the first Monday in a while that I have actually had the energy to be motivational. 

Aside from the fact that it’s pouring outside, (which is making me feel like I’m back in North Carolina) it’s still a good day to have a good day! 

I’ll share a little story with you about what’s going on in my life lately. 

I was so eager to find a job when I moved to San Diego that I took the first job that I was offered. 

I applied to multiple jobs for weeks on end and prayed that I would find anything.  With a husband who is gone a lot and only a couple of friends in the area, I was desperate to find something to keep me busy. 

Sometimes the things we think we need are not actually beneficial to us in the long run. I really didn’t dislike my job at first. It was a rapid decline that took me from being completely okay with going to work to being in tears the moment I got off. 

The company I worked for became so understaffed over the past month that I was doing the work of three to four people by myself. They began scheduling me for overtime shifts without asking my permission and making me work certain shifts by myself. As a part of the waitstaff, I was also required to do the job of the dishwasher on days when she wasn’t there. There were days when I was by myself for 5 hours at a time, taking orders and serving food to a dining room full of people all while being expected to complete multiple other tasks.  I felt grossly overworked and under appreciated. 

On payday the employees were required to attend an all-staff meeting. During the meeting they would talk about how we should work on our productivity and have more positive attitudes. Not once did they bring up what they were doing to fix the major understaffing issue at hand. They even had a woman come in to talk about what to do if there was an active shooter in the workplace- if you ask me they were only covering their asses incase one of the many disgruntled employees decided to go off the deep end. 

They had a big holiday party planned and it sounded like it would be a fun event, but all I could think was that they should have been focusing on hiring people instead. 

So last week came to a boiling point for me when I was working as hard as I could to get everything done but I knew that there was no way it would get done in time. I was having an anxiety attack and I had to hide in the walk-in refrigerator to compose myself for a moment before I went out to clean the dining room. While I was cleaning dirty dishes off the tables a woman decided that it was the perfect opportunity for her to yell at me about how long it took to get her food. Blaming me specifically and assuming that I didn’t put her order in when in reality- she just came at a bad time and the chefs were busy making other meals. It was at that exact moment that I decided I wasn’t going to show up the next day- that is, as long as my husband was in agreement. 

It took a while to get ahold of him, but Blake agreed that no job was worth feeling the way I did. And so with a feeling of instant relief- I quit my job.

Today would have been my day off before having to go back tomorrow and I am so grateful that don’t have to. Now I can get back to blogging and doing things that I enjoy all while looking for a better job. 

So if you’ve made it through my whole  spiel and reached this point, then you’re highly deserving of this motivation that I’m about to bestow upon you. 

If you’re unhappy with anything in life- you have the power to change it. It might make things harder for a while but nothing worth having ever comes easy. 

I was unhappy with my job, so I quit. I should have waited and put in a two week notice but for my own sanity I’m glad that I didn’t. This will most likely make my life more difficult until I find another job, but I’m positive that something better will come along and I’m content just knowing that I won’t have to go back to the place that made me so miserable. 

Being happy is SO important. Don’t sacrifice your happiness for something that you think you need to do to make others happy. 

Have a happy week!

Motivation Monday #45

Ah Monday! Welcome back. As if Mondays aren’t sad enough already, it’s pouring outside again… which I don’t necessarily mind because I work inside all day and I know that we need this rain. But there is a certain feeling that comes with a gloomy rainy day. It can be enjoyable if you’re spending the day on the couch snuggled up with a blanket and some hot tea, but when you’re going to school or work it just kind of puts a damper on things (literally- lol).

So I’m writing today not only to motivate you, but to motivate myself as well. I found this quote that you might read and think “well duh!” but it felt like the right quote to post so here we go.

“The grass is greener where you water it”

Like, Duh right? Well it’s like saying that if you put some effort into the aspects of your life that you want to be better, then they will surely become better.


Even though the rain can be annoying, it has turned our dirt patch of a yard into a luscious patch of greenery… well mostly weeds but still. It keeps the dogs from tracking little muddy paw prints into the house, so for me… this quote even has a literal meaning.. no matter how silly.

So I hope you go out and water your figurative grass today. Water the things that you want to grow in your life. Create a life that will make others wonder how you can afford your water bill 🙂

Motivation Monday #44

Please excuse my absence from blogging, unfortunately I haven’t had as much free time on my hands lately. As much as I love being busy and staying productive, I really miss having time for things like this! I recently got a job and I’m so thankful… All of the praying and months of hunting payed off. I also started online school, it took me a while to figure out what I wanted to study but once I found out which school  to attend and how to pay for it, I decided to get my AA in Interior Design. So not only do I work 8 hour days, I also spend hours on the computer reading and taking tests. I love it!! But like I said… I also love blogging and lately with everything else thats on my mind I don’t have any urge to write, until now that is. I have the day off so I’m trying to stay productive by cleaning the house and getting ahead with my online school work.

I realized it was Monday and thought, I finally have time to write! So here it is… your (as weekly as possible) Motivation Monday post:

A simple quote that is pretty relevant to my life right now,

“The secret to getting ahead is getting started”

Even though I’m loving my busy schedule right now, I know that it will become stressful at times. I just have to remember that these long hours at work and time spent working towards getting my degree will pay off in the long run. Someday I will have job that I love and it’s all because I started here.

Happy Monday, I hope it’s a great one!

Motivation Monday #43

It’s Monday again and I’m super excited that we’re getting some more rain!

Thanksgiving is only a few days away and that means you probably have a long weekend coming your way. Use this Monday to list each of the things that you are thankful for, once you have a list filled with the things that make you happy, this Monday will seem like no big deal in comparison.

Remember that Thanksgiving is a time to be with family and feel grateful, it shouldn’t be a time to camp out at Best Buy or shove people out of your way at Walmart to get a good deal on things that you don’t really need. I’ve done it before and it really wasn’t even worth it. Spend this Thursday and Friday appreciating the things you already have rather than fighting with strangers for things you don’t have.

Remember, there is always Cyber Monday if you want to find good deals on Christmas presents… and online shopping is a lot easier anyway!

Have a beautiful Monday!

Motivation Monday #42

I took a week off of blogging because I really just wasn’t feeling it. I’ve been so focused on other things lately that I started to lose the passion that pushes me to continue this little blog each week.

Anyway, it is Monday again and I have a whole list of things to get done today. So not only will I be trying to motivate you, but hopefully I’ll be able to motivate myself to get out of these super comfy fuzzy pajamas and be a productive human today.

I like that daylight savings ended this weekend because now I feel like I’m waking up really early even though I’m sleeping in an hour longer than usual. The days feel so long which means that I have no excuse to not get things done.

The holidays are upon us and that means we have things to look forward to. Good food, quality time with family, presents and decorations…. all of my favorite things!

So I think maybe the best way to motivate you on this Monday would be to tell you how many more Mondays you have to deal with until it’s time to celebrate.

There are only 2 more Mondays until Thanksgiving!


Only 6 more Mondays until Christmas! (better get started on your shopping)


Have a beautiful Monday and be productive!  🙂

Motivation Monday #41

Happy Monday everyone! I mentioned last week that I was hunting for jobs and that I hadn’t been having much luck. Well, I have a phone interview for one job today and two in-person interviews tomorrow! So it’s looking like my patience has paid off and hopefully one of the jobs that I am interviewing for will be the right fit for me.

But that’s enough about me, I’m here to motivate you! So here is a motivational quote to help get you through the week:

” This is the beginning of a new day. You have been given this day to use as you will. You can waste it or use it for good. What you do today is important because you are exchanging a day of your life for it. When tomorrow comes, this day will be gone forever. In its place is something that you have left behind. Let it be something good.”

I absolutely LOVE this quote. Although it is good to have lazy days too, I feel so much better when I’m actually accomplishing something or making memories with friends. So do something good today! 🙂

Motivation Monday #39

It’s Monday again and I am super excited because my husband has the day off of work! 

Having recently moved into our new home we are keeping ourselves busy by crossing items off of our to-do list. Whether we’re painting something, decorating something or building something, we have already put a ton of work into this place but it feels so rewarding to finish a project!

I guess what I’m getting at is that you should use this Monday to do something that you have been wanting or needing to do for a while, because I promise you that the feeling you get when you are finished will be totally worth it. 

Start the week by being productive and each day to follow will hopefully be productive as well…. Which ultimately means more free time for the weekend!

Have a beautiful Monday!