Motherly Love

It’s nearly 6 a.m. and I’m slowly waking up to the tiny coo’s coming from the little person I brought into my bed when she woke up in the middle of the night. I open one eye and try to shove a binky in her mouth, hoping that she will immediately go right back to sleep. “Come on”, I think “just give me another hour.” Sometimes it works and sometimes I have to accept whatever amount of sleep I got and hope to catch a nap later in the day (but I don’t count on it). As unhappy as I am about having to wake up before my body wants me to, I can’t help but smile when I turn my head and see the sweetest little grin- consisting only of two bottom teeth.

The day starts with a feeding and a diaper change for her and a large iced coffee for me- you know, the essentials. As she sits up on her play mat she examines her many toys with her eyes, hands, and mouth. I spend about 10 minutes playing with her before I look around and make a mental list of all the things that need to get done around the house. And then something else catches my attention and I wish I had written that list down on paper.

When I start thinking about my week I realize that I have no idea what day it even is. So I yell out to the only other person in the house who can talk back, “Alexa, what’s the date today?”. She gives me the 411 and when it’s a Friday, a little piece of me dies as I think back to the days when a Friday was always something to look forward to.

I love my daughter more than I ever thought I could love another person, but being alone with her all the time can be- I’m just gonna say it… boring as hell. Saying this makes me feel bad. I look at how big she’s gotten and I can’t believe that what the millions of strangers have told me is actually true. “It goes by so fast!” Ugh I hate when the strangers are right.

It does go by so fast. Suddenly she won’t let me hold her a certain way, so I adjust to her needs without realizing that I’ll never hold her the same way again. I mean, I could but she’s bigger now and it’s not the same. Some days may be boring, but they are also filled with moments of pure happiness and amazement at the little person my baby is becoming. It also doesn’t hurt to have cool neighbors and friends that keep me sane.

At the end of the day, when we’re both in our beds, I go to sleep knowing that I will be woken up in a few hours. I know that I will have to get up, go into her room, and lift her out of her crib to bring her into my bed because I’m too dang tired to do it again. I go to bed knowing all of this and being totally okay with it because I also go to bed knowing that I’ll wake up to the sweetest little two-toothed grin.

Motivation Monday #40 

Happy Monday! It’s finally raining and I must say that it feels great.

I’m spending the day looking for and applying to jobs. It’s been over a month since I started looking and haven’t had much luck. But I have to remind myself not to give up.

Even though I really want a job and don’t want to give up on finding one, the process can be exhausting. The applications and the interviews and the getting denied can really be a downer, but I know that it will be worth it once I find something.

So on this gloomy Monday don’t forget to keep going! Your hard work will pay off later on.

Have a beautiful week ❤️

Motivation Monday pt.8

HAPPY MONDAY! It’s the last full  week of February can you believe it?  Who is keeping up  with their new years resolutions?

Here’s some inspiration to start off your week:

“Find three hobbies you love:

One to make you money,

One to keep you in shape,

And one to be creative.”




Motivation Monday!

I know it’s cliche, but I’ve decided to make a motivational post every Monday.  Just a little reminder that you can do whatever you set your mind to! Whether it’s work, fitness or just plain life related, a little motivation never hurts.

So for my first Motivation Monday I’d like to share a quote. One that I find to be pretty comforting if I’m having a bad day or just feeling down.

“Take a look at your life. You’ve made it through all of the bad things that have ever happened to you. On particularly rough days, when you’re sure you can’t possibly endure, try to remind yourself that your track record for getting through bad days so far is 100% and that’s pretty good.”    -Unknown

So if anyone out there is having a particularly difficult Monday morning, I hope this has been of some help. Have a beautiful day friends!