Motivation Monday #40 

Happy Monday! It’s finally raining and I must say that it feels great.

I’m spending the day looking for and applying to jobs. It’s been over a month since I started looking and haven’t had much luck. But I have to remind myself not to give up.

Even though I really want a job and don’t want to give up on finding one, the process can be exhausting. The applications and the interviews and the getting denied can really be a downer, but I know that it will be worth it once I find something.

So on this gloomy Monday don’t forget to keep going! Your hard work will pay off later on.

Have a beautiful week ❤️

Motivation Monday pt.8

HAPPY MONDAY! It’s the last full  week of February can you believe it?  Who is keeping up  with their new years resolutions?

Here’s some inspiration to start off your week:

“Find three hobbies you love:

One to make you money,

One to keep you in shape,

And one to be creative.”