Grateful for Friends

No I’m not talking about the T.V. show but if I’m being honest, I’m pretty grateful for that too!

I’m talking about the people who keep my life interesting, the ones who love me even though they don’t have to. The people who make me laugh and encourage me to be the best that I can be simply because they care about me. What a wonderful thing friendship is, just two complete strangers who create a bond like no other. If all else fails in life, at least we have our friends.

I have been blessed with so many wonderful friendships throughout my life so far. Some friends came and went but I have never forgotten the bonds that I had with them. I still think about all of them from time to time and hope they are doing well. Then there are the friends who came and stuck around, the people who have become more like family to me. For these people, I am eternally grateful! My life would simply not be the same without them and I truly believe that I am a better person just for knowing them.

I’ll be having dinner with two of my best friends tonight and although we are growing up and our lives are getting busier, I know that these two ladies will always be a part of my life. We’ve made it through distance, weddings, schools and new jobs with a bond just as strong or stronger than before.

This week goes out to all of the good friends out there! Be grateful that someone has chosen you to be their person!


Motivation Monday #32

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had as great of a weekend as I did. Saturday was my brothers wedding and it couldn’t have been more beautiful. It’s always a good time when you’re surrounded by family, friends, delicious food and good music (oh and free drinks are nice too)! Unfortunately the weekend seemed to fly by really fast but on the other hand, there is still plenty of celebrating for me to do!

In my family, this is the week of birthdays! My cousin Troy turns 17 today, I turn 24 tomorrow, my cousin Meghan turns 24 the next day, and my cousin Alexander turns 14 on the 25th!

I love telling people about that because I think it’s so cool and rare that my cousins and I have birthdays one day after another.

So on this particular Monday I’ll remind you that there is always something to celebrate and someone to celebrate with. Make it through your work day by reminding yourself that you’re one day closer to celebrating something, whether it’s a birthday, wedding, anniversary, graduation or any holiday, it is one day closer than it was yesterday!

Have a wonderful Monday and Happy Birthday to my awesome cousin Troy!


Motivation Monday #31

Happy Monday once again!

Today I’ll keep it short and sweet with a quick quote.

“Your life is a result of your choices. If you don’t like your life, it’s time to make some better choices”

It speaks for itself. Choose to have fun. Choose to be healthy. Choose to surround yourself with good people. Choose to spread positivity. Choose to love others. Choose a job you love. & Choose happiness.

Love to all! XOXO

Motivation Monday #25

Happy Monday everyone! It’s the final Monday of June and this week brings the month to an end. Next Monday is the 4th of July and I can’t wait to celebrate with friends and family.

June has been a lot of fun and there was a good amount of celebrating going on. I absolutely love having something to look forward to and this month I got to look forward to a lot of things.

I just want to remind you that there is ALWAYS something to look forward to and be happy about. You may be struggling to get through the work week but don’t forget about all of the fun things you have planned in the near future, whether it’s a birthday or just plans to see a movie with a friend. Make sure that you give yourself things to look forward to because that’s what life is about.

Stay happy and have a beautiful Monday!


Take it from Tori #3

Today’s Topic:

Don’t forget to love yourself first

In life, if you’re lucky, you probably have a hand full of people whom you love and would do just about anything for. It’s important to keep good relationships with those who lift you up and keep your spirits high, but don’t forget to love yourself before anyone else.

And no, I’m not talking about a Justin Bieber song.

I’m talking about your mental health. It’s easy to get caught up in making sure everyone else is happy, making sure your boss is pleased or making sure that your friends are having  fun.

If you have kids, Treat yo’self girl: take a bubble bath, watch your favorite movie, have a glass of wine, do one thing each day to remind yourself that you need to be happy in order to make the kids happy.

If your relationship is taking a lot out of you lately: stake a step back, don’t forget who you are without your significant other. No matter how much you love them you can’t lose yourself in trying to make them happy. Spend a day with a friend you haven’t seen in a while or read a book and enjoy some time alone.

If your work/boss is stressing you out, start looking for other jobs: If you absolutely must keep your job, find ways to make it better. Try to make friends with coworkers or focus on what you love about the job rather than what you hate. Happiness conquers income in so many ways, sometimes the money isn’t worth the stress.

If school just won’t let you catch a break, stay focused: you are doing something great for your future. Take breaks when you can but study hard and follow your dreams.

If your family is asking a lot of you lately, stay calm: remind yourself that it’s out of love. Family drama can be the most stressful because it hurts to fight with the people you care about. Take a deep breath, it will pass. Don’t make rash decisions or say anything you might regret. You will love yourself for it later.

If you’re having a hard time with a friend, say “see you later”: A friend who causes more stress than happiness in your life may not really be the kind of friend you want to keep. If you’re not sure, then try to avoid spending so much time with them for a while and see how your life changes. If you are happier without them, don’t just say “see you later” say “Goodbye!”.

This is YOUR life. You have to do what makes you happy. Of course you should continue to make the people around you happy as well, but absolutely don’t forget about yourself.



Motivation Monday #13

On this final Monday of March 2016, I would like to provide motivation by reminding you that you can do anything you set your mind to, you just have to want it enough.

My husband is a constant reminder of that. As if the job he chose for himself wasn’t challenging enough, he is now 8 months into a fast paced and incredibly difficult medical course with one month to go until he is sent on his way to get hands-on experience in a hospital.

This is the guy who goofed off in high school and barely graduated. He has no doubt been through more than any person his age should ever have to endure but has always come out on top. His positive attitude and perseverance are what have gotten him to where he is today.

He is the reason that I believe that anyone can turn their life into something they are proud of.

I have not yet figured out what my passion will be in life. Whether I will find a career that I love, create a business of my own, or have children and dedicate my time to them, but I do know that he will be by my side supporting me every step of the way.

It always helps to surround yourself with those who love you, believe in you, and will support your goals no matter what. So figure out what you want your life to be about but don’t forget what/who matters most.

Happy Monday!

Blake, if you’re reading this- I love you 🙂

Motivation Monday pt.8

HAPPY MONDAY! It’s the last full  week of February can you believe it?  Who is keeping up  with their new years resolutions?

Here’s some inspiration to start off your week:

“Find three hobbies you love:

One to make you money,

One to keep you in shape,

And one to be creative.”




The Perfect Valentines Day Gift

I know a lot of guys think of Valentines Day as a stupid holiday, one that was created purely to empty their pockets. Originally I was planning on making a list of different gift ideas to get for your significant other on Valentines Day but I want to prove that it’s not all about spending money.

Valentines Day is really a day to express how much you love and value your partner. A lot of people have begun to associate that with money, almost like the more you spend, the more you love them. Don’t get me wrong, I love a bouquet of roses and box of chocolates as much as the next girl, but flowers die and chocolate is also a temporary form of satisfaction.

To me, the best thing to do for Valentines Day is to go somewhere or experience something together.

That’s not to say that you have to spend a bunch of money. I mean you can if you want to but you don’t have to.

A few years back, Blake and I went to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art because I wanted to see the “Urban Lights” display where there are rows and rows of vintage street lights all lined up next to one another. He picked me up from the city college after my night class and we headed to Starbucks for a latte. We ventured downtown and I finally got to see the lights all lit up at night, afterwards we decided to stick with the “lights” theme and check out the view from the top of Glendora Mountain Road. Of course we had to get food, so we drove through Del Taco on the way up. We got to the top of the mountain and parked to enjoy the beautiful view of the city down below while we pigged out on chicken tacos.

There was no dinner at an expensive restaurant, no box of chocolates or stuffed animals, just fast food and a beautiful view. The only money he spent was on Starbucks, Del Taco and gas. We were younger so we didn’t have a bunch of money to spend on fancy dinners or presents for each other, but it was definitely my favorite Valentines so far.


Here are some idea’s for dates that would cost little to no money:

Take a trip to the beach– Of course the weather should be appropriate, but the beach is always a good idea.

Go on a hike– For the couple that loves to be active, look up the most beautiful hiking trails in your area (maybe one with a waterfall at the end) and enjoy a hike together.

Breakfast in bed– This is something that both men and women can do for their significant other, as long as you know how to cook bacon you should be good.

Have a picnic– In the park or even in your own backyard, there’s something so sweet about picnics. You don’t even have to make the food yourself, you can order take-out from your favorite restaurant.

Camp out in the living room and have a movie night– This one would be good for those couples who have kids. Just set up a bunch of blankets and pillows on the floor of your living room and rent your favorite movies, wait till the kids fall asleep- make some popcorn and watch your movies!

Bake together– Purchase the ingredients for your favorite cookies and work together to make them, you get to spend time together and you can eat the cookies after, it’s a win-win!

Give each other massages– Another one that can be done by both partners. It’s free and romantic!

& For the big spenders:

Go to a fancy hotel and order room service– Whether you’re across the country or in the same city you live in, it’s always nice to be spoiled. Order room service or roam around the city then have drinks at the hotel.

Go to a spa-Get a couples massage, it’s relaxing and neither of you has to do anything but enjoy it.

Take a trip– Maybe you like road trips, maybe you like Paris… It all depends on how much money you have I guess. But trips with loved ones are the best ways to make memories.

Enjoy a fancy dinner downtown– Maybe you have a favorite restaurant or there’s a place you’ve been dying to try but it’s just too fancy. Make a reservation… like now and enjoy a fancy meal.

Do something exhilarating– For the adrenaline junkies out there, go skydiving, zip lining, bungee jumping or even take a helicopter ride for two over the city. Just a few ideas for those who don’t value their lives- KIDDING.. kinda.

Buy a puppy– Haha ok, this one may not be very realistic. You should probably (and by probably- I mean definitely) be married if you are buying a pet with your significant other, and you should also have been wanting to get one for quite some time…… BUT I think it would be a fun date to go to the animal shelter and pick out a new member of the family.

The moral of the story is that there is no greater gift to give your partner than your undivided attention and time. Spend as much money as you want but in the end, money and presents don’t make relationships last, love does. So make memories.