Espresso Yourself

Since I have been home, I’ve been checking out some of the different coffee shops in the LA area, and I’m having a lot of fun doing it. There are so many unique places with different vibes and each is special in it’s own way.

I plan on exploring as many of these little coffee shops as I can- all while reporting back to my readers about what I experience at each one.

Ever since I was a kid, there has been a longstanding coffee shop in my little hometown of Monrovia. Situated in old town on the main street that any Monrovian will tell you is called Myrtle Avenue, the coffee shop has taken on many different names and owners throughout it’s years.

My parents would take me there on the weekends and hang out at the same table with the same group of old guys, reading the paper and discussing current events. I would order my bagel with cream cheese (or on a lucky day- A huge cinnamon roll covered in icing) and hang with the old folks while I sipped my hot cocoa. It was a nice comfy place, filled with mismatched couches and even a “kids corner” with books and toys for the little ones.

This coffee shop has been around for as long as I have lived here, so at least 23 years or more. I remember it best as the Monrovia Coffee Company, before that it was called Beantown, and a couple of years ago it became Friends Cafe (a wannabe ‘Central Perk’ from the popular TV show FRIENDS). More recently, while I was living out of state, it has become Parchment Coffee.

Since this coffee shop is near and dear to my heart, filled with memories of old people and bagels, it will be the first on my list of blog posts.

If you are a coffee lover in the L.A. area, my “Espresso Yourself” segment is for you.. So stay tuned!


Homeward Bound

Well today is the big day, I’m going home! In fact, I’m currently sitting in the second airplane of the day. The first flight was a little bit rough, it was the smallest plane I’ve ever been on consisting of only two seats on each side. I figure that’s why is was such a bumpy landing. I felt bad for the guy next to me who confessed that it was his first time on an airplane. I tried to comfort him by saying that not all planes are that bad but I was also trying to keep myself from barfing so there was only so much I could say.

I had a layover in Atlanta which I thought was supposed to be 40 minutes. I planned to go to the bathroom, buy a water and pop some dramamine but by the time I found my terminal they were already boarding all passengers.

I’m actually surprised that I didn’t get lost, the Atlanta airport was so big that I had to take an indoor train to get to my terminal. WTH. Fortunately my stomach had settled a bit at that time so I hopped in line, found my seat and patiently waited for the flight attendants to start passing out snacks and drinks.

Admittedly, I was pretty nervous to fly alone for the first time. If I had someone with me then at least I wouldn’t die alone if the plane came crashing down. Which is why I bought Wifi… so I can send a quick “peace out” text to everyone if that does happen- kidding, kinda. But it’s really not too bad, just boring.

I know it’s rare for planes to crash these days but as I am typing we’re going through a huge patch of turbulence and I kind of regret making that joke now. Isn’t it sort of unsettling how they have to tell you what to do if we crash before every flight? I know it’s a safety protocol but jeez, what a way to get people comfortable! The voice comes on over the loud speaker, “Find your seats, store your belongings in the overhead compartment OH AND heres what you do if the plane goes down” NOOOOOO, I wasn’t readyyyyy.

Oh and it’s almost inevitable that you’re going to get some sort of cold or sickness from being stuck in such a tight space with so many people for so long, in fact the gentleman at the end of my aisle seems to either be choking on something or just coughing way too loud without covering his mouth… EVERY 10 SECONDS. I mean at least cover your mouth dude. Luckily for me, I’ve been loading up on vitamin C all week for exactly this reason

So I guess I’m not completely alone, I have Skippy with me. But it’s honestly just a hassle to have to lug him around. The last time I flew with him I was able to take him out of his carrier and hide him under a jacket on my lap. That’s because Blake was sitting next to me so I wasn’t worried about him tattling. I hope he’s okay down there, poor little guy has no idea what the heck is going on. He’s just stuck in a small bag for 7 hours, I will take him out immediately after I exit the plane. Speaking of Skippy though, I was wondering if any of the passengers on this plane are allergic to dogs, because that would be a bummer.. for them. Maybe that’s why the man in seat 35F is coughing so much, in that case- my bad dude.

We are currently flying over New Mexico and I’m just waiting for that last time zone change to kick in so I can accurately estimate my time of arrival. The 3 hour time difference will take a little while to get used to again but at least I’ll be on the same schedule as all of my friends pretty soon.


I’m finishing this post today because I lost connection on the plane yesterday… so much for paying for that wifi huh?! Anyway, I obviously landed safely and I was surprised by two friends who accompanied my mom to pick me up! 🙂 Of course our first stop was In N Out, then off to the bar for a celebratory drink and finally, sushi galore for dinner. It was a good day and it feels great to be back on the BEST coast! Overall, it was not so bad for my first solo flying experience. Now who wants to go to the beach?