Third and Final Trimester

I have finally made it to the 8th month of pregnancy which means we get to meet baby Logan next month! It has been quite a journey to say the least. I remember feeling like it was never going to come to and end during the first trimester, like the finish line was just way too far to see. Now I’m a little more than 6 weeks from my due date and although that’s still a good little chunk of time, it’s nothing compared to the past 7.5 months.

The third trimester comes with lot’s of new feelings, including an occasional kick to the ribs. If you’ve read my previous pregnancy-related posts, you know that it took me a long time to actually feel pregnant. Well, after about 25 weeks, my belly grew a lot each following week and baby’s movements grew much stronger. It’s pretty fascinating to watch her little body jerk my belly around and even though I’m more used to it now, it still freaks me out.

I’m starting to mentally prepare myself for labor and delivery and trying to get things ready to go. I have to pack a hospital bag, install a carseat and learn as much as I can about giving birth so that I am prepared when the time comes. I’ve learned a lot already and heard tons of wonderful birthing stories from other moms. It’s definitely scary but it helps to hear about other peoples experiences, because no matter how different their stories are they all have the same ending. They all end with a baby in their arms. Labor and pregnancy in general are different for everyone and even change depending on the child. Each of us has our own path to take but in the end, we reach the same destination- motherhood.

I will have spent 9 out of 12 months this year focusing on bringing new life into the world and now I’m only six sweet weeks away from indulging in some delicious raw fish. Seriously though, not being able to eat sushi has been so difficult but I’m pretty proud of myself for being able to change my lifestyle somewhat drastically so that my baby is healthy. It’s obviously a small price to pay but considering that this pregnancy was somewhat surprising, I never really got the chance to mentally prepare myself for the changes I had to make.

I can’t believe that I’m going to be a mom next month… it’s all very surreal. My life is about to change even more drastically and I know it will be really difficult at times. But from what I hear, it’s totally worth it. Wish me luck 🙂

DIY Floral Mobile

I am a huge lover of the website Etsy, I really like supporting small businesses and finding unique things. However, I sometimes can’t help but think ” I could totally make that myself”. Well, while I was looking for alternatives to the average baby mobile I came across a pretty floral one similar to what’s in the picture. I knew I could make one myself so I decided to take on the challenge. I’ll let you know right away that this was not a cheap project….. It definitely could be, but since I preferred to use a higher quality of faux flower, it added up quickly. I decided to buy the flowers in increments and took my time finishing this project.

Here’s what you’ll need if you’d like to make one too:

  • A 12″ foam floral wreath
  • Some type of ribbon or string
  • A hot glue gun & glue
  • Wire cutting scissors
  • LOTS and LOTS of flowers


Start by cutting the ribbon into three pieces of equal lengths, based on how far you want the mobile to hang down.

Mark three spots on the inner ring of the foam wreath of equal distance from each other.

Glue each piece of ribbon to the marked spots in the wreath.

Create a hoop at the top and glue or tie it securely.

Start cutting the flowers, leaving about a half inch of the stem to puncture into the foam.

Place the flowers in the foam where you think they will look best. Once you’ve got a good bunch, begin gluing them in so that they are secure.

Glue some leaves between the flowers for a more natural look.

And that’s it! It takes some time, patience and obviously money, but the satisfaction of doing it yourself is worth it!

Motivation Monday #50

Happy 50th Motivation Monday! I hope everyone had a relaxing Easter weekend spent with loved ones.

Easter is a great holiday for a few reasons. First of all, it’s the beginning of Spring and the weather is always perfect. Second, there are lot’s of jellybeans and chocolate bunnies involved. And last but absolutely not least, it’s a great reminder that our time here is not permanent.

Jesus died so that we may continue to live beyond this life. Even if you aren’t Christian, or don’t believe in God, you can’t deny that our time here is only temporary. We are all leaving this earth at some point, so shouldn’t we make our days on this planet count?

To me that means doing good things and attempting to make the world a better place for future generations. So I’ve come up with a list of things that you may be able to do in order to make a difference.

  • Start a community garden
  • Ride your bicycle if it’s an option
  • Teach your children to have manners and care for others
  • Recycle and find ways to cut down on your usage of plastic
  • Stop buying products with questionable ingredients in them, especially if it’s something you’re consuming or putting on your body
  • Plant flowers that bee’s can use to collect pollen
  • Volunteer with an organization that you like or make donations
  • Spend less time on your phone and computer and watch less TV


These things seem simple but I know that it can take some convincing. In fact, I’m even trying to convince myself to do some of these things. If we are all just a little more mindful of the things we do/buy/say on a daily basis, we will become more aware of what we should really be doing.

Just because were not going to be here forever doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take care of our home for now, in fact it’s all the more reason to do so because we don’t want to leave our grandchildren to suffer on a rotten planet.

Have a beautiful week and stay motivated!

Grateful for My Home

Thanksgiving is now exactly two weeks from today and despite any negative feelings you may have due to recent political activity, there are still so many wonderful reasons to be grateful.

I have already shared some of the most important reasons that I am grateful including family, friends and my husband. People always come before things, but as our parents always say “If you have a roof over your head and food on your plate, you have nothing to complain about”.

I feel very lucky to be a homeowner and I hope that our home will serve as a gathering place for family and friends. I want everyone to feel welcome and comfortable here because there’s no fun in having a home if you don’t fill it with love and laughter.

No matter where you live, always be grateful for that roof over your head.

What are you grateful for this week? 

Motivation Monday #42

I took a week off of blogging because I really just wasn’t feeling it. I’ve been so focused on other things lately that I started to lose the passion that pushes me to continue this little blog each week.

Anyway, it is Monday again and I have a whole list of things to get done today. So not only will I be trying to motivate you, but hopefully I’ll be able to motivate myself to get out of these super comfy fuzzy pajamas and be a productive human today.

I like that daylight savings ended this weekend because now I feel like I’m waking up really early even though I’m sleeping in an hour longer than usual. The days feel so long which means that I have no excuse to not get things done.

The holidays are upon us and that means we have things to look forward to. Good food, quality time with family, presents and decorations…. all of my favorite things!

So I think maybe the best way to motivate you on this Monday would be to tell you how many more Mondays you have to deal with until it’s time to celebrate.

There are only 2 more Mondays until Thanksgiving!


Only 6 more Mondays until Christmas! (better get started on your shopping)


Have a beautiful Monday and be productive!  🙂

Grateful for Family

Thanksgiving is only one month away and I know exactly what I’m grateful for this week.


The older I get, the more I appreciate the time that I get to spend with my immediate and extended family. Living in North Carolina was the first time that I realized how much quality time with family really matters to me since there was a major lack of it while I was there. When you see someone every day or every week, you don’t think about what your life would be like without them in it for a longer period of time.

Last week I was able to drive home in just two hours to spend time with my family, having my aunt and cousin visiting from out of state made it an eventful time. It reminded me of the vacations that we all used to take together when we were younger. My mom and her siblings would set up these big family vacations for everyone, it wouldn’t happen every year but when it did it was always so fun and memorable.

Since we’re all getting older now and those of us who are still referred to as “the kids” have different schedules on top of the schedules of our parents, we haven’t really been able to schedule any more of those family trips. But it’s my goal to make it happen again, because I’m not ready for all the growing up that’s been going on lately and a family trip would be a good distraction from everything.

To my family, I hope you all know how much you mean to me!



What are you grateful for this week?


Homeward Bound

Well today is the big day, I’m going home! In fact, I’m currently sitting in the second airplane of the day. The first flight was a little bit rough, it was the smallest plane I’ve ever been on consisting of only two seats on each side. I figure that’s why is was such a bumpy landing. I felt bad for the guy next to me who confessed that it was his first time on an airplane. I tried to comfort him by saying that not all planes are that bad but I was also trying to keep myself from barfing so there was only so much I could say.

I had a layover in Atlanta which I thought was supposed to be 40 minutes. I planned to go to the bathroom, buy a water and pop some dramamine but by the time I found my terminal they were already boarding all passengers.

I’m actually surprised that I didn’t get lost, the Atlanta airport was so big that I had to take an indoor train to get to my terminal. WTH. Fortunately my stomach had settled a bit at that time so I hopped in line, found my seat and patiently waited for the flight attendants to start passing out snacks and drinks.

Admittedly, I was pretty nervous to fly alone for the first time. If I had someone with me then at least I wouldn’t die alone if the plane came crashing down. Which is why I bought Wifi… so I can send a quick “peace out” text to everyone if that does happen- kidding, kinda. But it’s really not too bad, just boring.

I know it’s rare for planes to crash these days but as I am typing we’re going through a huge patch of turbulence and I kind of regret making that joke now. Isn’t it sort of unsettling how they have to tell you what to do if we crash before every flight? I know it’s a safety protocol but jeez, what a way to get people comfortable! The voice comes on over the loud speaker, “Find your seats, store your belongings in the overhead compartment OH AND heres what you do if the plane goes down” NOOOOOO, I wasn’t readyyyyy.

Oh and it’s almost inevitable that you’re going to get some sort of cold or sickness from being stuck in such a tight space with so many people for so long, in fact the gentleman at the end of my aisle seems to either be choking on something or just coughing way too loud without covering his mouth… EVERY 10 SECONDS. I mean at least cover your mouth dude. Luckily for me, I’ve been loading up on vitamin C all week for exactly this reason

So I guess I’m not completely alone, I have Skippy with me. But it’s honestly just a hassle to have to lug him around. The last time I flew with him I was able to take him out of his carrier and hide him under a jacket on my lap. That’s because Blake was sitting next to me so I wasn’t worried about him tattling. I hope he’s okay down there, poor little guy has no idea what the heck is going on. He’s just stuck in a small bag for 7 hours, I will take him out immediately after I exit the plane. Speaking of Skippy though, I was wondering if any of the passengers on this plane are allergic to dogs, because that would be a bummer.. for them. Maybe that’s why the man in seat 35F is coughing so much, in that case- my bad dude.

We are currently flying over New Mexico and I’m just waiting for that last time zone change to kick in so I can accurately estimate my time of arrival. The 3 hour time difference will take a little while to get used to again but at least I’ll be on the same schedule as all of my friends pretty soon.


I’m finishing this post today because I lost connection on the plane yesterday… so much for paying for that wifi huh?! Anyway, I obviously landed safely and I was surprised by two friends who accompanied my mom to pick me up! 🙂 Of course our first stop was In N Out, then off to the bar for a celebratory drink and finally, sushi galore for dinner. It was a good day and it feels great to be back on the BEST coast! Overall, it was not so bad for my first solo flying experience. Now who wants to go to the beach?












DIY Shabby Chic Side Table! 

Today my friend Felicia and I tackled a fun DIY furniture project! 

Fun fact about Felicia… we’re basically second cousins through marriage (or something) but we didn’t meet until this year when we both moved to North Carolina within 20 minutes from each other! Small world right? I think it’s pretty awesome.

Anyway, we totally click because we’re both crafty and we enjoy a lot of the same things, so when she came to me about helping her paint a side table I was all about it!  We weren’t really sure what we were doing or how it would turn out but it ended up being a success.

Like all good projects, it started with a drink! Two margaritas and we were on our way to transforming this piece of furniture. 

Here is what we started with:


A clearly outdated and worn piece of furniture. But Felicia saw the potential 🙂

Our first step was obviously to remove those bulky knobs. 

We decided to replace them with these cute little crystal-like knobs 


Then we began painting..


This chalk paint is awesome! I seriously couldn’t even smell it and it dried amazingly fast!
  I believe this picture was taken after the second coat was applied. 

  I didn’t get any photos of the distressing process because I was getting way too into it but we basically just used square sandpaper blocks to sand down all of the corners as well as some larger spots.

We were also worried (before distressing) that the brush creases were making it look funny but we found out that we were able to sand it down and smooth the look of the paint. It totally worked out! 

To finish, we lathered the top of the table with this furniture polish which also smelled very nice.

And this was our finished product! It looked so good next to her grey couch. 

What a huge difference! And it didn’t take long at all! 

Shout out to Felicia for suggesting that I turn this into a blog topic and for that margarita 😉 

Home is wherever I’m with you

After two and a half weeks of quality family time, too much food and way too many drinks, we are finally back home.

It feels weird to call this place home because I think of my hometown as my real home. After the past couple of weeks however, I realize that this is my home now.

Blake and I both crawled into bed after our long day of multiple car and airplane rides, looked at each other and said that it felt good to be home. We agreed that we’re still not fond of the city we live in or the distance from family and friends but we have come to love the home that we’ve created for ourselves.

Since our time here is only temporary, I never thought I would consider this place to be my home. Growing up means leaving the house that you’ve been used to for your whole life and creating a new one for yourself and I have to admit that it’s a really weird but good feeling.

With your own home, you have the opportunity to completely invent your space and everything about it becomes a piece of you. So although we weren’t very happy about coming back, it does make me feel good to be back in our own space.

These next few months will go by fast and this will never be our home again after that. This place has already taught us so much and I’m exited to see what else we will learn from the remainder of our time here.

2016 will be a great year!