Easter “Bird’s Nest” Treats

These are super easy to make and really cute. 

I’ll admit that I think I kind of messed up because my cocoa krispie treats were not holding together very well. But I think it’s because I added some coconut oil along with the butter. 

So basically just follow the directions on how to make regular Rice Krispie treats (except use cocoa krispies instead) and then pull a handful out at a time and lay them on a sheet of wax paper. Make sure they’re in a messy circle shape (the messier the better), then wile they’re still warm stick 3 robins eggs in the center of each clump.

I kept mine in the fridge because they were sticking together a lot. By the time I got them to the party they had become one huge clump. But like I said, I didn’t follow the original Rice Krispie treat recipe so that’s probably why. 

Happy almost Easter 🐰❤️