Resolution Ideas For 2016

Ok so I’ll start by saying that tomorrow is the last day of 2015 and I seriously cannot believe how fast this year has flown by.

On one hand, I’m excited that time seems to be flying by so fast because for me, it means I’ll be living in California again before I know it! On the other hand it sort of makes me feel really sad that I’m growing up and that the uncertain future is rapidly approaching.

I think a lot of people go through this in their 20’s. Some people go away to college and never move back to the house they grew up in, others travel or take job opportunities that change the way they live their lives. As you probably know, my life changed when I got married and moved to North Carolina.

A positive mindset is always key. I was so excited (yet also nervous) about new beginnings and growing up, so excited that I didn’t realize all that I was leaving behind. Of course, only a couple of months after living so far from the things that I been used to for my whole life, I immediately felt a sense of loss and was no longer excited about these new beginnings.

This year was a life changer. It has been difficult at times and I sometimes feel like I’d like to go back to just being engaged, having wedding related parties, living with my mom and working enough side jobs to pay for necessities and support my shopping addiction. As I type though, I sit back and think about the good times to come and I know that this time in my life (although it may not be my favorite) will shape who I am for years to come and it is only a small stepping stone within the path of my life.

This year I celebrated some of the best days of my life but I’ve also let the hard times get me down. My resolution for 2016 is to be happy. To live  every day with the joy of just being alive. To push myself to do more and be better.

Each new year is like a fresh start. Resolutions are the motivators that keep us focused on becoming better versions of ourselves. No matter what has happened to you in the year 2015, whether it was good or bad, you get to leave it all behind and just focus on making 2016 the year that you accomplish your goals.

Since I love making lists, I’ve come up with a few resolution ideas incase you’re struggling to find one that you will be able to stick with!


  • Fitness- The most common new years resolution usually has to do with losing weight. It’s common because people know that losing that extra 15 pounds or getting into the best shape of their lives will significantly improve their lifestyle as a whole. It’s not an easy one to stick with especially if you love to eat and don’t have a lot of time to workout. BUT, I absolutely recommend that you try to get your body looking and feeling great because when you look and feel healthy you will be more confident and with that confidence you will be more likely to accomplish any other goals on your list. Overall physical appearance and health is always #1 on my list!
  • Career Goals- Another year has flown by and you still don’t know what you’re doing with your life. Make 2016 the year that you get your degree or at least the year you start working towards it. If you have your degree and just haven’t found work, make this the year that you find your dream job! You worked your butt off for that degree and you are so worthy of that job, you just have to make it happen!
  • Be Nicer- I personally like to make this a goal of my own every day. We sometimes get so caught up in our busy lives that we can come off as rude or mean to family or even random strangers who we encounter throughout the day. Make every encounter a pleasant one, smile at people passing by, ask the cashier at the grocery store how their day is going, hug your loved ones before and after work and don’t let the stress of whatever else is going on in your life affect the way you treat people.
  • Address people by their names- This is kind of a strange resolution, but I often have a hard time remembering people’s names just after meeting them. I once met a man in church and I introduced myself to him and his wife. He said “very nice to meet you Victoria” as though he was repeating my name aloud to help him remember it, from then on, every time I saw him he greeted me by my first name. I felt horrible for not remembering his name, but the fact that he remembered my name was pretty awesome to me. Addressing people by their names just after meeting them is a great way to form better relationships. Even if it’s just the waitress at your favorite restaurant, she will probably be flattered that you remembered her name and your dining experience will be a friendly one.
  • DO MORE- If you’ve been dying to go to disneyland or go on vacation to Hawaii, this is the year to just do it! There’s always an excuse whether it’s a tight budget or a busy schedule but you only live once and you don’t want to spend your whole life working just to pay the bills. If you don’t have the money then start saving now! Life is an adventure and it should be a fun one, so in 2016 do more of what you love and experience new things!
  • Get organized- Something that I love doing is organizing! It makes life so much easier when there is a place for everything and everything is in it’s place… in fact my my mom used to have a refrigerator magnet that said exactly that. Start by getting rid of the things you don’t need or no longer use. Have a yard sale and make some extra cash to save for that vacation you want to go on. Donate old clothes and clean out your pantry to give canned foods to homeless shelters. Check out my previous post on organization to get some more ideas.
  • Read a book- I love reading, but it can be difficult to get in the mood to start a book. Once I do, I can’t put it down and when I finish, I feel a little smarter for having read it (especially if it’s educational). Whether it’s a book about something that you’d like to educate yourself on or a novel by one of your favorite authors, just buy a book and make it your goal to finish reading it. If you want to educate yourself on how to be a heather person I definitely recommend that you read “The Body Book” by Cameron Diaz. It is SO full of information about how you should be treating your body and it’s written it in a way that makes it super easy to read.

Good luck on making 2016 fabulous! And HAPPY ALMOST NEW YEAR!

How to live a life with less regrets

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if life was perfect? Well unfortunately it isn’t. Bad things happen, people can be cruel and sometimes we make bad decisions. Sometimes we lose loved ones and sometimes we feel helpless. Sometimes addiction takes over, or depression, or even greed. Life isn’t all butterflies and rainbows. Sometimes we let our anger get the best of us and we make decisions that we wish we could take back, but we can’t because that’s just not how life works.

I know it’s impossible to live a life without a few regrets but I’d like to share my thoughts on some of the ways that I believe could help you to live a life with less regrets:

Believe in yourself

If you have dreams or goals for your future you have to believe that you can achieve them. Attitude is everything. Blake, for example, has never been much of a scholar but he set a goal to do something that he knew would be a challenge for him and has maintained a positive attitude about it from the start. And guess what? He is doing an amazing job. He’s smarter than he knows, and his positive attitude and determination are what will get him through this insanely tough medical program. Do things that scare you, travel to the places you want to see, push yourself to be better than you were yesterday and always be your own biggest fan.

Believe in others

You never know what other people are dealing with, whether it’s a personal issue at home or a problem with mental health, there are so many things that could be going on beneath the surface, of which you are unaware. My mantra in life is to just be nice. A smile or a small compliment could save a life. The world needs more NICE. Always encourage your loved ones to follow their dreams and passions no matter what. You never know who’s life will change just because you were the only one who believed that they could accomplish their goals.

Say “I Love you”

You never know when you will be hugging someone for the last time. Tomorrow isn’t promised to any of us. Life takes unexpected turns all of the time and you never want to live with the regret of forgetting to tell someone that you love them while you still have the chance. P.S. To my friends and family who are reading this.. I LOVE YOU ALL! 🙂

Don’t hold grudges

Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned” -Buddah

When you’re holding grudges, ultimately you’re only hurting yourself. Allowing yourself to dwell on negative thoughts about someone is not good for your own mental health. Learning to forgive and forget is the biggest blessing of all. Sometimes we get so angry about things that won’t even matter to us a few years down the road. Always choose to be the bigger person and mend your relationships. Even if you don’t want to maintain a close relationship with the person anymore, it’s still important to stay cordial.

Love people beyond their flaws

It’s never okay to make fun of someone because of their appearance. Whether it is someone who’s struggling with acne or weight gain or someone who looks different because they were born with something that made them that way. All humans are God’s beautiful creations and what defines them is how big their heart is, not what they look like. Some people struggle with addiction and that makes them hard to love at times, but it’s important to be supportive of people and encourage them to do better. Always PRAY for people when they are having a hard time in life, even if they are hurting you, prayer is power and sometimes it’s all you can do to help.

When you’re having a bad day, don’t take it out on other people

We’ve all been there. It’s 2:00 and we haven’t had lunch yet, all of a sudden we are hungry and angry, AKA HANGRY. Working in a restaurant as a hostess made me realize how angry people can get when they need to fill their bellies with food. I have had multiple people get upset with me and throw fits because their table wasn’t going to be ready when they wanted it to be. Grown adults wearing suits would act like children, one woman even threw a paper menu at me when she learned that it would be 20 minutes before a table was ready. As a kid I would get cranky and throw fits, I had no idea why I was so mad but my mom always knew that it was either because I was hungry or tired. Not much changes with age. We still get mad when we are tired and hungry but most of us know how to control our emotions much better than when we were children. I knew that people were only mad because they needed to reenergize and fuel their bodies with food so I didn’t take it personally. But there are tons of other circumstances which may cause you to have a bad attitude. No matter what kind of horrible day you’re having, try not to take it out on other people. You could potentially ruin someones day or diminish their self-esteem with your mean comments and that’s not okay.

Have fun!

Do the things that make you smile. Go to disneyland, take a vacation, spend time with family and friends and go on adventures. Don’t think about the money you’ll be spending, think about the memories you’ll be making. You can always make more money but you can never re-live the same happy moments. Turn mundane tasks into fun games. Go out with your friends every chance you get and don’t miss out on the precious time you have with your family during the holidays.

Be the change you wish to see in the world and you will live a life with less regrets. Always be nice and work hard so that you can do the things that make you happy! Follow your dreams and live a life that you love.

I would like to dedicate this post to my late friend Kirk Allen Mirkamali. An ambitious, light-hearted, solider who knew how to accomplish goals and live a life full of adventure. Kirk, you were taken too soon, but I have no doubts that you’re looking down on your friends and family with a smile on your face…. because now you know how many hearts you’ve touched with your kindness. Prayers for your family and your girlfriends family as well. Rest peacefully sweet friend.