Motivation Monday #60

August has always been my favorite month. I love these hot summer days followed by warm summer nights. To me, each month comes with a different type of feeling and August is definitely my favorite. Plus it’s my birthday month and in my family, birthdays are a big deal. As they should be! Life can be so trivial. Your birthday is a day to forget all that and just celebrate your existence and the fact that you’ve made it through another year. 

I usually get really excited about my birthday but this year is different. I almost forgot about it. I have so many other things on my mind with my other half deploying in a few days and our baby girl due to arrive in three months. I guess I just haven’t had the time to get excited about my 25th birthday. I have another list of to-do’s to get done before and after he leaves and it’s been all I can think about. 

I try to stay positive and not get emotional or freak out because with only three days left of quality time, there’s no time for arguing or being sad. It’s all new to me, it can be scary and hard to think about..parenthood, deployment- all of it. People say how strong I am but I just don’t think it’s actually hit me yet. I figure there’s no point in being anything but positive because whatever happens is going to happen anyway and there’s nothing I can do about it.

 Praying helps when I have moments of fear but the thing that has been the most encouraging is knowing that I have a huge group of family and friends supporting me every step of the way. The amount of people who have offered to help if there’s ever anything I need has been overwhelming. I’m surrounded by so many genuinely good people who want to help and I couldn’t be more thankful.

So even though I’m feeling different this year and not so excited about my birthday, I am getting a completely different feeling of happiness from the love and support of others. 

It just goes to show, life can be difficult. But with a good group of people who care- it doesn’t always have to be. 

Have a beautiful Monday and a wonderful week. 

& please keep my little family in your prayers. 

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