Motivation Monday #45

Ah Monday! Welcome back. As if Mondays aren’t sad enough already, it’s pouring outside again… which I don’t necessarily mind because I work inside all day and I know that we need this rain. But there is a certain feeling that comes with a gloomy rainy day. It can be enjoyable if you’re spending the day on the couch snuggled up with a blanket and some hot tea, but when you’re going to school or work it just kind of puts a damper on things (literally- lol).

So I’m writing today not only to motivate you, but to motivate myself as well. I found this quote that you might read and think “well duh!” but it felt like the right quote to post so here we go.

“The grass is greener where you water it”

Like, Duh right? Well it’s like saying that if you put some effort into the aspects of your life that you want to be better, then they will surely become better.


Even though the rain can be annoying, it has turned our dirt patch of a yard into a luscious patch of greenery… well mostly weeds but still. It keeps the dogs from tracking little muddy paw prints into the house, so for me… this quote even has a literal meaning.. no matter how silly.

So I hope you go out and water your figurative grass today. Water the things that you want to grow in your life. Create a life that will make others wonder how you can afford your water bill 🙂

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