Grateful for my Dog

You’ve had a hard day at work, during your drive home you sit in bumper to bumper traffic until you finally reach your exit. You’re exhausted as you walk up to your front door, knowing that you’ll have to do the whole thing over again tomorrow. But once you turn that key and open that door, a little ray of sunshine appears to remind you that you are loved.

Yup you guessed it, that little ray of sunshine I’m talking about is your dog!

This week I am grateful for my dog, Skippy! I think that any dog owner can agree that there is something special about the relationships that we create with our pets. It’s a bond unlike any other and only those who have had a furry bff will understand. 

I’ve had Skippy now for twelve years, that’s half of my life!! He’s been around for so many major moments in my life. From graduating 8th grade, to graduating high school, getting married and then moving across the country, Skippy has been there for all of it. If I ever needed to cry or vent or give someone a hug, Skippy was my go-to-guy. 

He’s getting older now and I realize that we may not have much time left together. But I could never be more grateful for every moment we’ve spent together so far. Skippy is the best present that my parents ever gave me and he continues to make me happy every single day. 

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