Motivation Monday #30

Any time you feel like you’re down on your luck or just having a really bad day, remind yourself that it could always be worse.

For example, my car has been really bringing me down lately. Blake and I bought a 2001 Honda Civic as a temporary car for me, figuring that it was inexpensive and reliable enough to last until I get a job and can buy something newer.

First was the horrific trip home from Vegas. But as awful as it was, I can’t help but think that it could have definitely been worse. We could have gotten into an accident and been seriously injured or I could have been hungover and throwing up out of the tow trucks window for 3 hours. HAHA- thankfully I did not drink the night before.

After purchasing new tires and thinking that the worst of my troubles were over, my car decided to just stop working on Thursday when I was on my way home from South Pasadena. As irritated as I was to once again be stranded on the side of the road, (but this time by myself) I know for sure that it definitely could have been worse. It didn’t break down until I got off the freeway and was close to home, I was in a safe area where I could pull to the side of the road and my friend was there within minutes to pick me up.

Two strangers stopped to make sure I was ok, my father-in-law rushed over to help figure out what was wrong with the car and my friend stayed with me until the car was towed away. I was more grateful to be surrounded by good people than I was angry about the car breaking down.

In any given situation, things could always be worse. So try to focus on the GOOD!

Happy Monday, make it a great one!!


2 thoughts on “Motivation Monday #30

  1. Tori, I can’t tell you how many times we’ve had car trouble. But we’ve always been fortunate that the breakdowns happened safely and in areas we could quickly get help.

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  2. My car used to break down a lot. I sold it to a dealer (never by a VW beetle no matter how cute they are). Got a Toyota corolla a few years back for 8k. I highly suggest this car (this one was a 2008 with 70k mi but i have found the year doesn’t matter that much with this car model) it isn’t pretty but I have not gone to the shop for anything but regular maintenance since I got it. Its a workhorse and not hugely expensive, and if i did need to take it to the shop it would be really cheap to fix, I have several friends with them now and none of them have had any issues either. Sorry if I sound like an add it has just been such a release for me since my VW was breaking down once a year and everything cost 1k to fix it. It was just miserable.


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