Espresso Yourself : Parchment Coffee

A while back I mentioned that I had plans to start a blog segment about all of the different coffee shops in the area. I started with what is now called Parchment Coffee because it’s the one coffee shop that has been around ever since I can remember. It has changed owners many times and had multiple makeovers but the menu has always stayed somewhat the same. Breakfast sandwiches, lunch sandwiches and of corse- COFFEE! 

The new owners have turned this space into a more modernly styled hang out spot. It’s much more plain than it has ever been in the past but I think it helps keep things look nice and clean. 

There were people studying at the tables and others were just relaxing on the sofa. I was surprised that they allowed me to sit inside with Skippy but also thankful because it’s so incredibly hot outside today. The workers were friendly and brought our food and coffee to us when it was ready.

The food was really good. I ordered the avocado toast, a thick soft piece of toast with fresh avocado spread and red pepper flakes. Blake ordered an avocado bagel sandwich but replaced the tomato with Canadian bacon and he couldn’t stop saying how good it was. In addition to what was on the menu, they had lots of yummy looking pastries on display. 

The coffee was good too. I got a regular iced coffee and added half and half, it was strong but not too strong. I saw that they had some specialty coffee drinks too but I try to stay away from anything too sugary.

Overall it was a good experience and it seems like a good place to go with friends to enjoy a cup of coffee and catch up. 

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