Take it from Tori #2

Todays topic:

Have a sense of humor, even on your worst day.

Life will inevitably throw some bad days your way. My advice for you is to find the funny.

We’ve all heard the saying, “Laughter is the best medicine”. It really does make people feel better, maybe not permanently but it’s a great way to help them get there.

Even if you’re making an inappropriate joke about murdering someone, if it makes you feel better-just say it. But make sure everyone who hears you knows that you’re kidding. Be sure to say, “JUST KIDDING” extra loud for legal reasons afterward. (That was a bonus tip)

If you’re no good at making jokes or being funny, then surround yourself with people who are, or give me a call and I will make an inappropriate joke for you- it’s guaranteed to make you feel better instantly.

XOXO, happy murdering! (just kidding)

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