Motivation Monday #20

I used to always think that everything happened for a reason, so cliche- I know. I thought that things would just work out in a way that positively suited each persons life. I realize now that things happen in our lives as a result of the choices we make for ourselves.

Lets face it, being human isn’t easy. In fact it’s common for people to say, “I’m only human”. Well, if you’re saying it because you did something stupid then you should really be saying, “I’m only stupid”. And that’s ok, some people are just stupid sometimes (and some more frequently). The only thing that makes them look stupider is if they don’t admit that they made a stupid decision, don’t worry- we all do it.

The great thing about making mistakes is that-LIFE GOES ON. We have time to better ourselves and become the type of people that we want to be. The bad thing about mistakes is that sometimes you cant fix the relationships you ruin in the process.

So don’t be stupid, make good choices.

Happy Monday?

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