Motivation Monday #16

It’s Monday again, but it doesn’t feel like a Monday to me. It feels like the last full 24 hour day I will spend in Fayetteville, North Carolina. I am still in awe of how quickly the time seemed to pass, but I am thankful that it did. It feels like just yesterday that I was on the verge of tears all day from having to say goodbye to my family and friends. Nine months later and I am filled with so many emotions about leaving. I’m sad to leave the friends I’ve made here, I’m nervous about flying alone for the first time, I’m stressed out from making so many moving arrangements, I’m so proud of Blake for doing what he came here to do and excelling at it, but most importantly I am SO happy to go home.

I’ll never forget what one of our friends’ parents said just before we left. I think it was pretty obvious that I was sad to leave and she said, “Don’t worry, nothing will change here. You guys will come back and we’ll all just be older and fatter.” It was such a comforting thing to hear. That’s the best thing about having a home to go back to, it’s all familiar and filled with memories and people that I love.

Living here has definitely been a great life experience and I would recommend that you travel if you are ever given the opportunity, because one of two things will happen. You’ll either fall in love with a new place and experience the world in a new way, or you’ll get to experience a new environment that will make you incredibly grateful for what you have to go back home to. So go explore, but never forget where you came from, it’s what made you who you are!

Happy Monday!



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