Motivation Monday #15

Happy Monday Everyone!

Today I would like to share a couple of quotes for the married ladies out there. Even those who are in serious relationships can get a little bit of motivation out of this, I think.

I’ve been reading a book called “Letters to my Daughters The Art of Being a Wife” by Barbara Rainey. A book that I purchased specifically based on the fact that the cover is so beautiful (yes I judge books by their covers- sue me) and because it is a religiously rooted book.

I didn’t go out looking for a book about marriage to help me with my problems, especially because my married life is perfectly fine (so far-haha). But I figured that maybe I could get something out of it for future reference, and after only 65 out of 222 pages I have already read many helpful tips and anecdotes on marriage.

The quotes I am sharing today are in reference to the differences that a husband and wife may struggle with during their marriage.

“Our differences are exactly the ingredients God wanted to use to grow each of us into a better reflection of His image”

“Differences can feel impossible, and even though many will never go away, God can still create beauty and joy in your marriage. So embrace your differences. See them as gifts from God to expand your understanding of Him and His design for your life.”

The author compares marriage to baking a cake, saying that each partner brings a different part of the recipe and together they create a final product, but it takes time and most importantly patience to get it right.

This book is filled with inspiring and helpful marriage advice for christian wives and I would definitely recommend it!

Have a beautiful Monday!

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