DIY Easter Banner 

Anyone who shops at target knows just how enticing “the dollar spot” can be. It’s conveniently located right at the front of the store to get you to look for things you don’t need before you even get a chance to start looking for anything on your list. 

I usually always get stuck in that section and most of the time I find something to buy even though I had no intention of getting it in the first place. 

But it’s only a dollar so who cares! Although they have more recently added items that cost up to $3 but still! 

So I once again found myself stuck in this section during my last trip to target. No surprise there. 

But I thought I would share what I found because I think it was a pretty good deal.

I found this little banner for $3 and a pack of stick-on letters also for $3. (Half were gold glitter and the other half were white) 

I decided I would use them to make an Easter banner, but they could be used to spell out pretty much anything! As long as it’s within 12 letters. 

I figured it was cheaper than buying construction paper, string and sticker letters from a craft store and it was also a lot less work. 

The only negative thing was that the stickers were not sticky enough to stay on the banner so I ended up having to use my hot glue gun. 

The other side of the banner is white and I figure I can write something different on that side and use it for multiple occasions. 

And this was the final product! Sweet and simple. (Although black probably isn’t the best Easter color but it was all they had)

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