Finding Happiness in the Present

I was looking through old pictures yesterday and (strangely enough) almost getting jealous of my past self. Whether it was how my body has changed, the way my hair looked at a certain time or the fun things that I was doing back when those pictures were taken. I was starting to wish that I could travel back in time to enjoy those moments a little more since I know now that they went by too fast.

As humans we tend to dwell on the past. It’s reasonable really, since our time here is limited, we long for the days of our youth while simultaneously growing older.

I thought about how silly, yes also justified it was that I was feeling this way. I’ve heard many older women speak of the way their bodies used to be, how they thought they hated their bodies back when they were young but that it was nothing compared to how they felt now. I felt strange being able to relate to this. It’s not like I’ve gained a ton of weight or anything but I can definitely see that my body is starting to change in relation to my age.

But now I’m getting sidetracked…

I began this blog entry to talk about why we cling to the past, and also why we need to learn to be happy with what we have in the present because we never know how our lives will change.

I think back to the years when these pictures were taken and remember how I felt about myself. Back then, I thought that I was fat and that my body was imperfect. Seeing those pictures a few years later I’m thinking, DANG I LOOKED GOOD.

I think back to the fun I was having when these pictures were taken and remember how oblivious I was to how easy I had it. Not a worry in the world, but still I felt like I had so much to worry about. I remember those times and wish I would have enjoyed them a little more while they lasted. Being a teenager with little to no responsibility especially financially, was such an enjoyable time in life. That is not to say that I don’t enjoy my life now, I love my life…but now I have the added adult stress of figuring out what I want to do with my life and how I can make a positive impact in the world.

We spend so many moments of our lives, wishing and working towards where we want to be that we forget sometimes to just enjoy the moment and be grateful for all that we DO have.

Today is Friday, the perfect day to take a step back from working too hard or stressing out about the future and remembering how hard you worked just to get where you are right now.

The days pass and we don’t realize that our lives are changing until we look back to how things were a year or two ago and realize how different things really are.

Don’t forget about what is important to you, whether it’s maintaing close relationships with old friends or spending some time alone, make sure that you’re still doing the things that matter most to you.

Don’t stop working towards your goals, but try not to lose yourself along the way. Live youthfully, at this exact moment you are younger than you will ever be again so enjoy each second of it. Focus on the present and appreciate what you are capable of before you get too old to continue doing the things you love. Live in the now, feel every emotion vividly- for this time will soon be the past.

3 thoughts on “Finding Happiness in the Present

  1. Thinking about your body in terms of what it has and can do for you instead of how it looks will give you a whole new perspective and will cause you to like it more as you age since it has done more for you the longer its been around.
    As I recently found myself in a similar situation I also had to find how to make my days meaningful even though I am in the house. I picked up quilting, volunteered at a local senior center this week, got really into cooking, started a chore calendar and decided I needed to remodel the bathroom. (if your project involves removed caulk by hand don’t start it).

    I think I have been busier and more fulfilled than I ever was in college or working. You just have to find out what works for you what gives your day meaning no matter how small it may seem. Try to start the morning off with breakfast and creating a to do list for that day. Your entire day will be more fulfilling. Routine and accomplishment keep you in the present.

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