Keeping up with the Kitchen

Searching for houses has really made me realize how important the kitchen is. In an empty house the kitchen is the one room that stands out to me. It is pretty much what would make or break my decision to buy a home. I personally spend a lot of time in the kitchen, preparing meals and sometimes just staring into the refrigerator so I like to keep it clean.

Keeping the kitchen clean is so important. Why? Well, because it’s where we prepare the food that will go into our bodies. It’s crucial to make sure that surfaces are sanitized and free of bacteria. Raw meat can carry diseases and sick family members can spread germs just by touching the refrigerator.

I’m sure everyone knows how to clean their kitchen but I’d like to share a few “lazy girl” tips to make the task less agonizing and to keep it cleaner longer.


  • If you have a dishwasher make sure you place the utensils in separate groups. One section for big spoons, one for small spoons, one for big forks etc. This will save time and make it easier for you to put them away after they are all clean.
  • For those who do dishes by hand, I suggest purchasing a sponge holder to keep your sponges dry and out of the sink. This will ensure that you don’t lose your sponge under a pile of dishes and it will also keep them cleaner longer meaning you don’t have to buy sponges quite as often. In addition, make sure that you always squeeze the water out of the sponge after using it – leaving water in the sponge is what will cause it to smell over time.
  • For a long time I kept my dish soap under the sink and only had my hand soap out. I got tired of reaching under the sink to grab the soap every time I needed to do dishes by hand so I bought a cute marble soap dispenser from target to keep my dish soap in. This way I don’t have to keep grabbing the big bottle from under the sink and I don’t have to see the green soap because it’s hidden inside of a pretty marble container.
  • If you mainly do dishes by hand I would recommend purchasing a drying pad to place underneath your dish rack. I purchased mine from Marshalls, it was inexpensive and it’s cute too!


  • My biggest tip for cleaning the kitchen is to always wipe the counters down before you sweep the floors. I know this is pretty much common sense but there has been a time or two when I swept the floors only to have crumbs from the counters fall on the ground immediately after. Just wipe the counters and stovetop with a dry towel to remove all crumbs and other food particles, push it all on the floor then sweep and sanitize.
  • Speaking of sweeping, I know this is almost gross and it makes me seem like the laziest person alive but I’m not afraid to admit it. I tend to sweep intermittently throughout the week without actually scooping the dirt into the dust pan. I simply sweep everything into a corner where no one will accidentally walk in it and wait till the end of the week to scoop it all up, throw it away and actually clean the floors.
  • Another tip for cleaning the floor is to purchase Swiffer sweeper mopping cloths but don’t feel like you to need to own a Swiffer to use these. I used to have a Swiffer mopping stick until I realized that it’s much easier to just use my leg as a mopping stick. I step on the mopping cloth and clean the kitchen floors with my foot!
  • I also really love Clorox products, mainly the disinfectant wipes and the spray cleaner with bleach in it. I use the wipes for just about everything. They are said to kill germs so I even use them to wipe down the doorknobs and any other commonly touched areas. They are the best for wiping down counters and even the stovetop and refrigerator (inside and out). The spray with bleach is a lifesaver when it comes to white sinks (or even toilets and bathtubs). Unfortunately, I currently have a silver sink but when I had a white sink I would spray it down with that stuff and moments later the sink was bright white again.



  • The better you organize, the longer your kitchen will stay clean. It may take a while but it will save you from having to clean quite as much.
  • Get a spice rack. I hate that kitchen cabinets are so deep, especially the cabinet where the spices go. If you don’t have a spice rack to keep things easy to reach you’ll be digging through the cabinet to find the paprika and you don’t want that.
  • Organize your refrigerator! That giant cold box in your kitchen is really an amazing thing. It comes with different sections which are designated for different types of food, so use them! Keep veggies in the crisper, condiments in the door and cheese/lunch meat in the small drawer (at least thats what I put in there). Make the most of your space and don’t let things get lost in the back of the fridge.
  • Don’t overbuy dishes unless you have a place to store them. I’m going to call my mom out on this one because she is so guilty of this and I understand why. It’s because there are so many different types of dishes for different things and all sorts of cute styles which makes it hard to buy just one set. I came home for christmas and my mom had accumulated EVEN MORE bakeware and dishes that after only four months of moving out, I no longer knew where anything was supposed to go. Sorry mom, but you need to not. (still love you though)
  • Keep your pantry clean. Don’t just throw everything in there, try to designate each shelf to certain foods so that you don’t have to dig through it in order to find what you need. I have seen some seriously organized pantries online with designated sections for each type of food, you don’t have to get that into it… just make sure there is some order to it.

And there ya go! Happy Cleaning! XOXO

7 thoughts on “Keeping up with the Kitchen

  1. Good luck with the house hunting! Not having a good sized kitchen is the worst. upgrading counters cost a pretty penny but you can do it having too small of a kitchen is a hole you need a new house to dig yourself out of. If you can try to save some money for upgrades when you buy the house (i know this isn’t necessarily possible) but its so much easier to paint and redo things before you move in.

    I found I need to use a combo of hand washing and dishwasher to get all the dishes done plastics and large items are such a pain.

    Use comet to clean a metal sink.

    Clorox whips are amazing I use them for dusting as well (and just about anything else I can get away with).
    I learned that not only are spice racks important but organizing them by type of seasoning is very important or they just turn into a mess anyway.
    I have probably 40-50 spices. So I have to have both a rack and a shelf and it saves me so much time by just having a row of Indian spices (for curry) a row of spicy spices a row for Italian ect. And having the spices i use on a several times a week bases in my spice rack.

    Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find a good (non cheap looking) heavy duty spice rack.

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    1. Thank you! And maybe you can try to get one of those stacking shelves for your spices! I’m not sure where to get one and they’re not super cute or anything but you could probably spray paint them to make them look more appealing!


      1. I have tried before I even went to the container store because they are supposed to have every storage/organization tool possible. I got a little rack but its not the best and although the have holes to hang it up on the wall the depth / size is so small that any nail or screw i could fit in there wouldn’t be strong enough to support it.

        I would need 3 of these to fit my spices
        and I don’t even think I can fit one on that small wall area near my stove!


      2. That is a good idea. I think I will have to wait for my next house to get a cupboard to fit them. (we are planning on moving in the next year or two)


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