10 Reasons to Smile

Incase you’re feeling glum, I’ve got 10 simple reasons for you to turn that frown upside down.


Your friends and family- AKA your main peeps and your squad. You should smile when you think about the fact that there are people in this big world who love you and either choose to be your friends or are forced to like you because you’re family and they love you beyond your flaws.


Obviously summer is something to smile about. The sun, the break from school, the vacations, the sand and the water. In my opinion there is no better season. Yes, Fall is beautiful and Spring is a close second (because of the flowers) but Winter is just gross and cold. Sorry I’m not sorry Winter lovers. Summertime is my kinda time.


How awesome is it that we as human beings are able to travel the entire world? Doesn’t that make you want to smile? Sure it may take some time to save money but just the fact that it’s possible is amazing.


Um, like obviously coffee makes me smile. Some days it’s the only reason I smile lol! How wonderful it is that there’s a drink out there that can energize us when we’re tired and give us a little help waking up on those more difficult mornings. It really just warms the soul.



The world would be such a dull place without music. To me, music equals memories. When I hear a song that I used to love as a kid or one that reminds me of wild times in high school I can’t help but smile.


Endings can be sad, whether you’re graduating high school or college or even ending a relationship that isn’t working out, it can be hard to say goodbye. But you have to think of your endings as new beginnings! There’s always something new to look forward to in life and that my friends, is a reason to smile.


I LOVE my sleep and I try to get as much of it as I possibly can. My favorite are those nights when I’m so tired that I basically knock out once my head comes in contact with my pillow. I wake up feeling so refreshed and ready to conquer the day. Sleep is like a quick break from reality and a way to reenergize our bodies. I’m smiling just thinking about it.


Sometimes I’ll read a recipe for a dessert I want to make and think, thank the lord for whoever came up with this random mixture of ingredients because it is pure heaven on a plate. If desserts don’t make you smile then it’s probably because you’re on a diet and you can’t have any, therefore you are frowning. Cheer up Charlie, have a Wonka bar.


When I’m feeling down about life I like to think about all of the upcoming events that I can look forward to. When my days get boring I think of the next big party I’ll be attending or what I’ll be doing over the weekend. The upcoming event that I’m currently excited for is my brothers wedding, I am SO looking forward to it! 😁


Oh come on! If pets don’t make you smile then you are pure evil and I don’t want anything to do with you. My dog puts a big smile on my face every single day, I know for a fact that I’m a happier person because of him.

I hope you read this post and realized that you have a lot to be happy about, life is better when you’re smiling. So “put a smile on your face and make the world a better place”! (as sung by one of my favorite artists as a child)- Vitamin C

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