DIY Floral Wreath 

As I took down all of my Christmas decor, I removed the wreath from my front door and it just looked naked and sad so I had to make a new wreath for it. 

I went back and forth in my mind trying to decide what type of wreath would be appropriate for the month of January. I looked up “January wreaths” and they all looked too Christmassy to me… with snowflakes and such. So I thought maybe I should make a pink wreath since Valentine’s Day is next month! 

I would have gone with pink but I didn’t think that the two manly men that I live with would really appreciate a pink wreath on their front door. So in conclusion I settled on a mixture of white, blue and purple flowers for my “valentines” wreath. 

This wreath should last till we move out of here since it’s very spring-like and we are only here till may.

Here’s how I made it!!!


I got a grapevine wreath and a bunch of fake flowers from Walmart. 

P.s. All of the flowers were 98¢ except the hydrangeas which were $3 but I had to get them because I love hydrangeas! 

I plugged in my hot glue gun and began to strip the flowers and leaves from their plastic stems. 

I proceeded to glue a mixture of flowers on the wreath (trying to not to bunch too many of the same ones together) and topped it off with a glittery bow! 

Easy peazy! Now go forth and clothe your naked doors with beautiful wreaths of your own creation. 


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