Home is wherever I’m with you

After two and a half weeks of quality family time, too much food and way too many drinks, we are finally back home.

It feels weird to call this place home because I think of my hometown as my real home. After the past couple of weeks however, I realize that this is my home now.

Blake and I both crawled into bed after our long day of multiple car and airplane rides, looked at each other and said that it felt good to be home. We agreed that we’re still not fond of the city we live in or the distance from family and friends but we have come to love the home that we’ve created for ourselves.

Since our time here is only temporary, I never thought I would consider this place to be my home. Growing up means leaving the house that you’ve been used to for your whole life and creating a new one for yourself and I have to admit that it’s a really weird but good feeling.

With your own home, you have the opportunity to completely invent your space and everything about it becomes a piece of you. So although we weren’t very happy about coming back, it does make me feel good to be back in our own space.

These next few months will go by fast and this will never be our home again after that. This place has already taught us so much and I’m exited to see what else we will learn from the remainder of our time here.

2016 will be a great year!


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