Modern gift-wrap 101 

In the past I have always loved searching for a cute roll of wrapping paper and some sparkly ribbon to top off my gifts with a gigantic bow. 

This year the trend for gift wrapping is keeping it simple. In other words, simplicity is key.

Although Blake and I weren’t planning on getting gifts for each other this year, I couldn’t help myself when I stepped foot into Target yesterday and saw all of the gift wrapping supplies. So I figured I might as well get a little something to put under our tree, especially since it’s a blogable topic 😉 

 If you have ever felt personally victimized by Target raise your hand.

 Everyone knows that you walk into Target excited to purchase a few things you need, and leave feeling violated and broke because you bought a ton of other stuff that you don’t need. To top it off, you probably forgot to buy whatever it was that you went there for in the first place. We all know the feeling. 

I walk in and immediately get distracted by ‘The $1.00 Spot’. I start looking through the pointless trinkets and think, “I could really use a pack of glow sticks! I mean they’re only $1.00″… Anyway, the dollar section is where I found the string that I used to wrap my presents.

I got a 2yd roll of a white and red string and a 20yd roll of black twine. 

Next I found a roll of brown Kraft paper type of wrapping. 

And finally, I plucked some leaves and little red berry looking things off of the bush just outside my apartment. 

Obviously the only other supplies that I needed were scissors and tape. 

After I finished wrapping each gift, I took a black Sharpie and wrote my “to’s and from’s” directly onto the wrapping paper. 

And yes, as you can see, I did purchase a gift for myself.. It’s just a book I got for the plane ride home.. which I wasn’t planning on wrapping but I figured why not! 

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