There’s no place like home for the holidays

Moving across the country has taught me a few valuable lessons about myself. The first thing I learned is that the east coast is no place for a girl like me. It’s not horrible or anything, in fact I love it sometimes… but only sometimes. I love the southern vibe and old buildings in our local downtown area. I love the fall foliage and greenery everywhere and I especially love the skies. The skies here are free of pollution and endless strands of telephone wires and the clouds are so beautiful. I guess another good thing is the lack of traffic, but with nowhere to go, that doesn’t really benefit me.

Regardless of the beauty and clean air, I have learned that it’s not so much the place we live, but rather the distance from home that gets to me. It’s been almost 5 months that we have lived here now and it seems like it’s been forever, the first 3 months were the most difficult. It’s easy to make everything seem great on social media, and it’s not my intention to create an appealing facade to make everyone think that it’s the best thing to ever happen to me. But I obviously wouldn’t be posting pictures of myself crying or feeling lonely and bored. I wouldn’t be posting statuses saying how hard it is to be away from home with no friends and a husband who works long hours and when he’s not working he’s either studying his butt off or sleeping. I wouldn’t be complaining about not being able to find a job after applying to multiple places, or telling everyone about the sketchy house cleaning job that I had for a whole 5 hours (although it does make for a pretty good story). I wouldn’t be sharing those things because I wouldn’t want people to think of me as a weak complainer. I am not either of those things…. ok maybe I’m a bit of a complainer but only to my friends and family.

The truth is, it’s hard. I’m not sharing this information to get sympathy, I’m just trying to be real because if anything, this information could be useful or relatable to someone else. Being so far from family for big occasions like Birthdays, Halloween and Thanksgiving has been hard. But by far, the crappiest part was not being able to attend the funerals of friends who passed away. It was such a horrible feeling to not be able to rush over to my friend’s houses to comfort the ones who were affected the most after getting word of the devastating news.

Things have started to get a little easier within the past couple of months. I’ve made some really nice friends plus my mom and my best friend visited me last month. I’ve grown accustomed to the area and I’ve gotten used to seeing pictures and videos of my friends hanging out and doing the things I wish I could be doing (like eating In N Out).

Even though I can never imagine myself wanting to live anywhere other than California ever again, I am thankful for the experience. You see, this chapter of my life has taught me that I am not an east coast person, but more importantly is has made me a more grateful and appreciative person for the people in my life. It’s not like I wasn’t grateful for them before but as I’ve stated in a previous post, whoever said that distance makes the heart grow fonder really knew what they were talking about. I’ve also grown to really appreciate where I come from. The song “There’s no place like home for the Holiday’s” holds a new meaning for me because now I know that the holidays just don’t feel the same unless you spend them at home with your favorite people.

We’re going home for Christmas and I couldn’t be more excited. At my lowest point I would have begged Blake to let me stay in California and fly back here by himself… I know that makes me sound like a horrible wife… but I’ve changed my perspective. Once we come back from Christmas vacation we won’t live here much longer anyway. Might as well try to appreciate it for the few months we have left. I may be lonely but I’d rather be here supporting my husband by cooking and cleaning so that he can focus on studying rather than staying home with family, friends and a job.

In conclusion, I just want to remind everyone that anything you want for Christmas this year is absolutely nothing in comparison to quality time with loved ones.

Thanks for reading and have a blessed day!



8 thoughts on “There’s no place like home for the holidays

  1. Straight from the heart. I’m sure you’ve touched a common feeling with people who are far from home. When I’ve had photo shoots away from my family, I can only handle it for a couple of days at a time, so I can just imagine what it must be like with the time and distance that separates you guys. Glad you’ll be home for Christmas!

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    1. Thanks Chris! It is definitely hard to be far from family but we are so excited to go home. Hopefully we will see you guys, we definitely want to go to church since we’ll be there for a couple weeks!


    1. Thanks Stephen! ❤️ I actually do have a car but it has so many issues that I have resorted to just trying to sell it to make money rather than spend money I don’t have on fixing it haha. Anyway only a few more months and then I can focus on making my dream trip to NYC come true so we can finally party together again haha 😄

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  2. Miss seeing you Tori. I hope when you come out we get a chance to see you and Blake. I love your blogs. Keep them going. Remember, this is just a season in your life. You will get through it and you have lots of people praying for you.

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