DIY Wall Art

As I browsed through our local arts & crafts store trying to find a DIY project to blog about, I saw that canvases were being sold in pairs for only $6 so I figured I would give painting a shot! I grabbed a couple of canvases along with a cheap pack of brushes and a few paints and left the store eager to create my very own wall art.

I had no idea where to start, but I knew that I wanted to including writing in my art. I soon regretted this decision when I realized how difficult it is to paint perfect letters. But it turned out alright…. I think.

The supplies:

Paint, brushes, canvases, a paper plate, a cup of water and some paper towels.


I squeezed the paint colors that I wanted to use onto a small paper plate and filled a plastic cup with water to clean the brushes.

I was trying to create sort of an abstract background before I painted the quotes, and I’ll admit that I had no idea what I was doing….. so it ended up looking like this.

I used a burgundy color and a beige for the background and I couldn’t help but laugh because all I could see was bacon, or a scab or something. So in order to make it NOT look like a scab or bacon, I added some white and gold.
The while and gold definitely helped make it look more artsy.

Although it turned out nothing like I had expected, I was still going to try and finish my piece by adding a quote.

Obviously the writing is not very aligned but I was just happy that it was legible!

I’m no paint expert so I don’t know if its just the type of paint that I was using (Acrylic) that made it difficult or if painting just isn’t my forte. Anyway, I think with a little more practice I could probably make something that I would really be proud of but this was my first try so cut me some slack!

The best part of the activity was that Blake actually took a break from studying and painted with me. And much to my surprise, he created an adorable little piece of art. I mean, is there anything that guy can’t do?

This is Blake’s little masterpiece, an owl on a tree.

3 thoughts on “DIY Wall Art

  1. I love that you are willing to at least try…and your passion and determination Victoria is why I know the both of you have and will suceed, at what ever you put your heart and mind too. I love and miss you two so much!!! Love the art work don’t fortget to sign it smile.

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