Skippy the Wonder Dog

Hi, I’m Skippy! Also known as Skip, Skipper, Skipper-doodle and some people even call me “Skippy the Wonder Dog”!

I was a surprise present for my momma 11 long years ago and we have been best friends ever since!

This is a photo of me as a young pup. 

For a little dog, I have been on lot’s of adventures. When I was just a puppy, I went to Mexico with my family and I pooped in a closet (everyone was pretty mad about it). More recently I was on a local television program called CCN Sunrise with my grandma playing the role of a therapy dog, little does everyone know that I’m the one who needs the therapy.

Here’s a photo from my interview that I found on google images by searching “skippy the wonder dog”.

I often get major anxiety and start to shiver like crazy, but that didn’t stop me from being the “ring bearer” in my mom and dads wedding.


Speaking of my new dad, I wasn’t so sure about that guy at first. When I was just relaxing on moms lap, he would lean in like he was about to bite her! So instinctively I would try to bite him back, but I’ve come to realize that he isn’t trying to bite her. I guess he was just trying to kiss her.. it’s something humans do. I do not understand it. Why put your mouths together when you could just sniff each others butts?! Anyway….

IMG_1155   IMG_1226

Now we get along great! We cuddle all the time and I don’t try to bite him at all anymore.


My hobbies include, eating, sleeping, peeing on every bush I see and more sleeping. My favorite sleeping position is called “the cinnamon bun”. I walk around in circles until my body is formed into a perfect little loop and then I lay my head right next to my butt. It’s so comfy!

One day, my parents woke me up super early and we ended up in a car for 3 days! I had no idea what was going on, but I couldn’t say no to a ride in the car! I truly love to stick half of my body out of the car window and take in all of the wonderful smells. I didn’t mind being in the car for so long since sleeping is one of my favorite things to do. Apparently we were moving to our new home across the country, it was a long car ride but I got to see and smell and pee on lot’s of things along the way which made it totally worth it.

IMG_0963 IMG_0970 IMG_1011
My ears are very big, but they are great for hearing when intruders are trying to enter our home. I usually bark as loud as I can to let them know they are not welcome, until my mom tells me to stop because she doesn’t like the loud barking. Doesn’t she know I’m just trying to keep her safe?


For my next adventure I will be boarding an airplane with my mom and dad to come home for christmas! Life is anything but ruff for this blogging dog! Until next time, have a happy wednesday my friends.

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